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Understanding the Property Cycle When Buying

property circle

In real estate the property market moves in cycles. Property values may rise due to strong market growth, remain steady or even decline during certain phases of the cycle. Thus, as an investor, it is important to know where the market is within the cycle to ensure you secure your property at the right price. As is depicted in the ...

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U.S. to trace Nigeria’s stolen asset

The United States has said it will help Buhari  track down Nigeria’s stolen asset in billions of dollars and increase U.S. military assistance to fight Boko Haram militants. President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to Washington on Monday is viewed by the U.S. administration as a chance to set the seal on improving ties since he won the 2015 March election. It ...

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A tour inside the world’s most luxurious hotel

World’s Most Luxurious Hotel

What makes the hotel thick or tick? Why is it acclaimed the only 7 star hotel in the world? Lets take a tour and find out. Thanks to the Financial Post we can give you a quick tour, in case you are thinking of visiting. You can also seize the opportunity to daydream! Let’s start here! The Burj Al Arab calls itself ...

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Dubai housing market slumps with 51% plunge in transaction volume

dubai housing market

Dubai housing market slumps with 51% plunge in transaction volume. Once again, the hitherto sizzling Dubai housing market has slumped, leading to as high as 51.8 percent plunge in the volume of transaction and 37.1 percent drop in the value of transaction. For close watchers of the global housing development, this development has significant impact on the world economy as ...

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China’s fiscal revenue rises 13.9% due to property tax

China’s fiscal revenue

The Ministry of Finance said in a report last Thursday that China’s fiscal revenue rose 13.9 percent year on year in June, posting its biggest gain this year as property tax payments increased. Government revenue reached 1.53 trillion yuan (US$246 billion) in June, lifting the first-half revenue by 6.6 percent to 7.96 trillion yuan. The revenue gain last month was ...

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Land Acquisition Policy in Nigeria

land acquisition in Nigeria

Since 1978, the major legislation regulating land acquisition within the country has been the Land Use Act of 1978 which states that all land in a State is to be held in trust by the State Governor for the benefit of all Nigerians. By law, foreigners may also acquire land wherever it is located in the country from either the ...

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Google slows down on real estate in first half of 2015

Google slows down on real estate

As the region’s real estate world reflects on the year’s midpoint mark, the Mountain View search giant, Google, occupies an unfamiliar position: That of bit player. Google slows down on real estate in first half of 2015 Google, which has driven so much real estate activity in recent years, has signed no significant leases and made few sizable property acquisition ...

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Jonathan’s Centenary City Project Is ‘Corruption Personified’ – PDP Vice Chair

centenary city

The Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) national vice chairman South South, Dr. Cairo Ojougboh has described the centenary city built during President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration as a ‘blueprint for corruption.’ According to WIKI, “Centenary City is an ambitious new project by the Nigerian Government to build a smart city along the same lines of as Dubai, Monaco and Singapore. The city ...

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African real estate undergoes rapid growth this year – Report

African real estate growth

Africa is no longer viewed as a region of long-term economic distress, but is increasingly seen as a continent of opportunity. Africa’s population boom is creating demand for residential property, ranging from mass market affordable housing to high-end luxury properties. In a research by Knight Frank tagged “Knight Frank Africa Report”, it stated that Nigerian real estate will experience rapid ...

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