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PROPERTY SEARCH: to go online OR use an agent?

Its no longer news that the Real Estate market is towing the technology synchronisation way. Following the new trend of mobile apps driving real estate, you would wonder how this affect the regular masses. Should we expect a person in search of a new apartment to think about surfing for properties online with the likes of Findnigeriaproperty.com and others. Nigeria Real ...

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Lagos State Tenancy Law at a glance

The promulgation of the Lagos tenancy law of 2011 came as respite for tenants who had been suffering in the hands of shylock landlords who had become excessive and brutal in their demands. The Law was set up to regulate rights and obligations under tenancy agreements and the relationship between the landlord and the tenant including the procedure for the ...

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Nigeria Real Estate Hub unveils #ShelterMatters


The leading hub for real estate News and information in Nigeria will be unveiling #ShelterMatters on Friday, 10th of April 2015. Shedding more light to this initiative, the Head of Media, Olumide Lawrence, explained that this step is to reach out to every Nigerian out there already on  different social media platforms. “The Real Estate sector is one which an ...

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Blackstone has reportedly raised $14.5 billion for Real estate fund

Blackstone exits investments in Synergy Property

Blackstone Group LP has gathered $14.5 billion from institutions for a global real estate fund and plans to collect an extra $1.3 billion from individuals, a person with knowledge of the matter said. The world’s biggest alternative-asset manager raised the money in about four months, said the person, who requested anonymity because fundraising details are kept private until the fund ...

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Risk-return factors on commercial real estate investment

An investment can be simply defined as expenditure in cash or its equivalent during one or more time periods in anticipation of enjoying a net inflow of cash or its equivalent in some future time period. In view of the limited resources and divers’ investment alternatives available to an investor, investment decisions are necessary. Investment decisions are made as a ...

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UAE company offers Caribbean passports with property purchase

Property developers in the United Arab Emirates are offering potential new home owners passports for Antigua and Barbuda when they buy a villa, opening up fresh avenues for visa-free travel to a wide array of countries for Emirati citizens. Al Jazeera reported on Tuesday that Sweet Homes – a company based in the emirate of Ajman – has incentivised its ...

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The BROUHAHA of OGA MARTINS – Episode 10

Oga Martins

Martins walked into his office, a spring to his steps. After a short, eventful but disaster-free weekend, he felt alive and invigorated and his date with Aisha contributed to it. He smiled at the thought of her. These days, his life was full of so much drama, it was a sharp contrast to just sit and talk with a woman ...

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Grandma posing in Real estate photos goes viral

An 86-year-old Florida grandma is a viral star after her granddaughter shared photos of her humorously posing in her home on Twitter. Yolie Ball, who lives with her husband, Don, in Davenport, Florida, says her phone has been ringing off the hook since Thursday night when her 15-year-old granddaughter, Makenzie Ball, called to tell her she was now a viral ...

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Ready-built shippable houses from China

We now think of building our houses in China and have them shipped in. Ready-built town houses shipped from China to Cannington. Innovative WA builder Craig Forster said he was forced to build offshore because no WA steel-frame home manufacturers could meet his demands. The homes, completely finished with all the cabinetry, tiling, flooring, plumbing and electrical fixtures, were erected on ...

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