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Why Building Information Modeling (BIM) Should Be Adopted in Nigeria

Building Information Modeling

One technology that has emerged over the last decade and a half is Building Information Modeling (BIM). This article highlights the importance of BIM to the construction industry in Nigeria. There were no significant changes in the building design methods observed until the mid-nineteenth century and engineers were used to describe their design by traditional methods (pen, paper, and ruler). ...

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Nigerian surveyors seek government support on adoption of building information modelling (BIM) technology

BIM technology

“The Architecture, Engineering, and construction (AEC) industry in any country is responsible for the construction, repair, and alteration of buildings, roads, structures and other properties in the country.”- Techpoint. Techpoint also reports that the alarming cases of collapsed buildings in Nigeria only point to the sub-optimal constructions which fall short of global standards. In the past three years, over 75 buildings ...

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