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The Framework of Construction Practices In Nigeria

construction practices

Construction practices in a developing country like Nigeria differ significantly in important aspects from practices in industrialized or developed countries. In Nigeria, the greatest challenge facing professionals in the field is that the practice of construction is not uniform. It varies with the client, size or complexity of the project from the perspective of the owners. This article sheds more ...

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Hard times for Lagos slum dwellers caught in race for land

worst cities in the world to live

“Sheltering under planks on his boat moored at a waterside slum in Lagos, fisherman Thomson Pascal is trying to protect his six children from the rain flooding into what is now their new home. He is one of 30,000 residents who have been living in boats, shacks or in the open since bulldozers escorted by policemen destroyed their slum dwellings ...

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The Dangers Of Using Substandard Building Materials

substandard building materials

The influx of substandard building materials into our market is worrisome. It seems to have saturated the market and sometimes comes easy and cheap to builders and owners of building projects. Albeit the first source of concern for every builder should  be Material Quality and Sustainability. It is appalling and thought-provoking how a newly built structure suddenly undergo repairs and ...

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