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Ten of 15 African countries seek to improve real estate and transparency index

African countries

CAPE TOWN – The latest Global Real Estate and Transparency Index (GRETI) has shown an improvement for 10 of 15 African countries, led by Nigeria and Kenya, an industry expert has said. The index by financial and professional services firm JLL has over the past two decades become established as the leading industry benchmark for assessing market transparency. London-based JLL ...

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Africa

Most Beautiful cities in Africa

In as much that Africa is perceived as the poorest continent in the world, there are some cities on the continent that would make you want to have a second thought about the general perception. These cities can rub shoulders with some big cities of the world such as Madrid, Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Paris and even Tokyo. Let’s ...

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Buildings In Africa In 2016

Most Beautiful buildings in Africa

There are many exceptional and breathtaking buildings in Africa, and I’m talking about buildings that are as beautiful as the ones found in Europe, United Kingdom, America, Asia and Australia. Do you think there is any building in Nigeria on this list, considering the fact that we are the giants of Africa? Find out which buildings made the top 10 ...

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Top 10 Popular Tourist Attractions In Africa

Africa is fast becoming known as a tourist destination with countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt and South Africa making waves and creating a new era in tourism. This article treats us to the top 10 popular tourist destinations in Africa. For countries like Kenya, tourism contributes a very substantial amount to national revenue every year. Certain tourist attractions are popular ...

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