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The Framework of Construction Practices In Nigeria

construction practices

Construction practices in a developing country like Nigeria differ significantly in important aspects from practices in industrialized or developed countries. In Nigeria, the greatest challenge facing professionals in the field is that the practice of construction is not uniform. It varies with the client, size or complexity of the project from the perspective of the owners. This article sheds more ...

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Top 5 Strategies For Real Estate Agents That are Newbies

good real estate agent

The real estate business cannot thrive without information. Real estate and information work in pari-pasu. Real estate investors and practitioners need information on who wants to sell, what they want to sell, who wants to buy and what they want to buy. This article talks about 5  of many strategies that real estate agents can make work in their favour. ...

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The Importance of back and forth communication between agent and principal

Agent and principal

This is the third topic in the series; Sales strategies in real estate The major ingredient of any relationship is communication. This also applies to businesses where communication is the major tool for any business person. A breakdown in communication is the most notable source of relationship hiccups. Many relationships have ended under bizarre and unexplained circumstances due to a ...

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