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LAND CONFLICTS: How it started and why it still occurs

Land conflicts

All over the world, people struggle for land. Many of them struggle with land conflicts and some of them struggle to solve them peacefully. This article aims to facilitate the understanding of people’s position, attitude and behaviour, as well as their underlying interests and motivation when an asset such as land ownership is at stake. From the ancient Greek myths ...

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Buy Now Pay Later: Why is everyone doing this business?

buy now pay later

As at my last count, I realized we have over 50 development companies, trying to market over hundred projects within the Lagos, Ogun and Abuja axis. I stopped counting a long while ago, so you can imagine how much more we would have now. Until recently, when publication houses increased their advert rates, you would always see different advert publications ...

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Reps to probe BPE over sale of power assets

Goodluck Jonathan Estate surveyors conference

The House of Representatives, Tuesday, resolved to probe the administration of former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, on the sale of power assets. The House, in a resolution on the motion entitled Alleged Non-transparent and Fraudulent Sale of Power Assets by the Bureau of Public Enterprises, BPE, by Jonathan’s administration, bemoaned what it called lack of openness in the processes leading ...

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Asset Declaration: Has Buhari fulfilled all righteousness?

Asset declaration/ ' Merging ministries of works/housing with power would not allow for efficiency in the system"

The Nigerian constitution actually makes it mandatory for the President and other officials/officers of the state, especially the elected/appointed officers to declare their assets which include their real estate acquisition and investments while taking over and leaving their offices with the Code of Conduct Bureau. But whether such declaration should be made public for the sake of transparency is a ...

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