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LAWMA and Poor Waste Management Practices in Lagos State

Dirtiest cities in the World

In June, Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode launched CLI – an abbreviation for Cleaner Lagos Initiative and the Lagos Environmental Sanitation Corps, LAGESC, to alleviate the problem of environmental pollution in Lagos state. In this article, we look at the poor waste management practices in Lagos that led to the introduction of CLI and LAGESC in line with world practices. ...

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Environmental pollution: Experts want disposal of old transformers with PCBs


The nation reports that environmentalists and stakeholders in the electricity industry have urged relevant authorities to dispose of the old transformers with Polychlorinated Biphenlys (PCBs), saying they posed a serious threat to human health. They made the call in Abuja at the National Consultative Forum for preparation of the project document on “Environmental Sound Management and Disposal (ESMD) of PCBs’’. ...

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OLUSOSUN:The Looming Environmental  Disaster


This article delves into the implications of locating the biggest landfill in Africa close to a prominent residential area in Lagos state. Olusosun’s popularity is not something any responsible government should be delighted about. Learn more about this looming environment disaster in this article. Although there are landfills across Nigeria but there is one that stands out and that is ...

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Impact of open waste dumps on rental value

rental values

There are many environmental factors that affect rental value of properties, albeit, in this article we will be taking a look at the effects of open waste dumps on rental values The issue of waste disposal and management were not problems to early humans, due to the fact that there were no population explosion and technological advancement at that time. ...

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Effects of housing on health

effects of housing on health

In Nigeria and most developing countries, the effects of housing on health has been de-emphasised. Housing and health may not be closely related, however your choice of neighbourhood and habitation plays a huge role in keeping you healthy. The effects of a sub-par housing condition on the health status of many residents could be devastating if not checked. Inadequate or ...

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