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Top 5 Unpredictable Facts about Lagos

Economist Intelligence Unit

Of a truth, there are many things you cannot predict about Lagosians and Lagos state at large. Imagine a government that suddenly decides to increase tax on real properties by a whooping 400% without thinking twice about it’s implications. Stange things evolve every single day of our lives in this city of high-tension drama that it has become a normal ...

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Where You Choose To Live Can Affect Your Love Life

Where you choose to live

It’s lovers day; a day that has been set aside in honour of Saint Valentine. As it is the custom around the globe, it is a day to show love not only to your significant other but any other person or group of persons that has the tendency to feel love. In this article, I will be discussing how “Where ...

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Ray of hope for prospective land allotees under Federal Housing Authority

Federal Housing Authority

“There is a ray of hope for prospective land allotees and concessionaire under the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) FESTAC Town Phase II project, following Appeal Court ruling in favour of FHA on the 1,000 hectares property.” – The Guardian The authority and the Amuwo community have been in a running legal battle on whether due diligence was followed on the Land acquisition ...

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Why You Should Experience Ghetto Life at Least for a Day

Ghetto Life

According to wiki, “A ghetto is a part of a city in which members of a minority group live, especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure. The term was originally used in Venice to describe the part of the city to which Jews were restricted and segregated.” The aforementioned definition does little or no justice to what the word ghetto pictures ...

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Special committee says Ikoyi, Banana Island, FESTAC Belong To Lagos Government

Special committee says Ikoyi, Banana Island, FESTAC Belong To Lagos Government

“The Special Committee set up by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos to look into Federal Government Assets in the state submitted its report on Tuesday, coming up with a verdict that Ikoyi, Banana Island, FESTAC and other federal government assets in the state actually belonged to the Lagos State Government.”- PM News The committee, headed by elder Statesman and former ...

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Real Estate Development as an Economic Driver

real estate development

Real estate development is regarded as an economic driver in any economy. In this piece, Debo Adejana – one of the foremost real estate experts in Nigeria explains how real estate development can improve the economy of any country Anywhere in the world, the business of real estate development is taken seriously; it’s painstaking, tasking, albeit it is lucrative and ...

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We Are Where We Live


There is no gainsaying that human beings are a product of their environment. You don’t expect a babe from Ajegunle to act more posh than a lady that was born and bred in Lekki, except, of course pigs now fly. This article aims to justify the fact that, we are where we live. Although we like to believe that we ...

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The 7 Wonders of Lagos

7 wonders of Lagos

It may seem unnatural to list any tourist site in Lagos among the 7 wonders of Nigeria, considering the numerous tourist attractions in the country, regardless there are some interesting sites in the city of excellence also; sites that can leave anyone who visits spellbound. Just like we did last week with our list of 7 natural wonders of Nigeria, ...

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The Challenges To Sustainable Development In Lagos


This article makes an attempt to capture some lessons learned by the ongoing urban transformation of Lagos—one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Despite the movement of the federal capital to Abuja during the regime of erstwhile head of state, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida in 1991, metropolitan Lagos has remained the country’s dominant economic, social, and financial centre as ...

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Top 10 Landmarks To Be In Lagos This Independence Day

With a population of over 21 million people who are mostly immigrants, Lagos state is the most populous state in Nigeria and arguably the commercial nerve centre of a country that is yet to fulfill her full potentials. This article showcases top 10 landmarks in Lagos that many may want to overlook. Lasgidi, as some youngsters would prefer to call ...

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