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Land ownership controversy causes chaos in Agbor community market

land ownership

Land Ownership – For years, the rivalry between a businessman, Chief Alex Ikpeazu and some powers that be in Ika South Local Government Area, Delta State, has been over the control of Lexiano Market. Though Ikpeazu is equipped with the Certificate of Occupancy, C of O, but his opposers have not hidden their determination to take over what they referred to ...

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Why Governor’s Consent Hinders Real Estate Development In Nigeria

Governor's consent

The Governor’s consent is a title document that establishes the consent of every Governor of the 36 states of the federation to all land transaction in the “said state”. Invariably, it is a means of perfecting the title on a land. Obtaining a Governor’s consent in Nigeria is a very herculean task. This article addresses the issue of the Governor’s ...

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Foreclosure and Action for Foreclosure


When a house is in foreclosure then all doesn’t seem well. Foreclosure is something every real estate investor naturally tries to avoid especially when the investor’s real estate acquisition thrives on mortgage. In this article we explain what foreclosure means and how it is effected.  Foreclosure is a legal process in which a lender attempts to recover the balance of ...

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Senate rejects Land Use Act removal

Family petitions Amosun over forceful eviction by a land grabber

“In a major blow to economic reforms and wealth creation in the country, the Senate on Wednesday rejected the proposal for the deletion of Land Use Act from the 1999 Constitution.”- Business Day The Land Use Act is seen as one of the biggest impediments to converting land resources into individual wealth in the country as it hinders the transferability ...

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How To Do a Proper Land and Property Search in Nigeria – 2

Land and Property search

This is the concluding part of the topic; “How to do a Proper Land and Property Search”. Just like this first part, in this piece, we will be discussing the act of Land and Property search; it’s importance and the processes involved. Now, let’s examine critically a situation where a land owner who has done search on a property and ...

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The Efficiency of The Land Tenure System In Nigeria

Land Tenure System

Human needs are insatiable and the want for land is no different. In fact, virtually all human activities require land. The Land tenure system in Nigeria and its effectiveness is the focus of this article. Due to the diverse needs of different human activities with respect to location and quantity of land, there is often an intense competition for land, ...

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The 10 Commandments of Land Transactions In Nigeria

land transactions

For many, buying land is not much of a big deal, what is more worrisome is the ease of being defrauded in a country such as ours during land transactions. There have been many cases of land scams in the past and recent times. This article highlights the 10 commandments of land transactions in Nigeria every prospecting landlord must adhere ...

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Nigeria’s Land Use Act And The Common Man

Buy Land In Nigeria

Since the enactment of  Nigeria’s Land Use Act in 1978, there have been many outcries concerning it. The controversy surrounding the Act is as heated as the corruption war of the Buhari administration. This article views the gains and the loss of Nigeria’s Land Use Act and how it affects the average Nigerian. Nigeria the pearl of the black world ...

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What You Should Know Before Investing In Land

Investment opportunities

Did You Know Investing In Land Is The Best Business Decision Man Takes? Buying a land is almost like the best thing to do with your hard earned money; however you choose to earn that money. It is an investment you rarely would regret. There are a thousand and one reasons why you would want to buy a land but ...

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