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Living In Skyscrapers: A race for the sky

Living in skyscrapers

The desire to build big is nothing new. Big buildings have been used to show off power and wealth; to honor leaders or religious beliefs; to stretch the limits of what’s possible; and even as simple competition among owners, families, architects, and builders. Some of the most dramatic buildings of the past include the pyramids in Egypt, the skinny towers ...

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Are High-Rise Buildings Good or Bad For People?

high-rise buildings

What is bad or good about high-rise buildings? In the light of the Grenfell Towers disaster in London where over 80 people have been confirmed dead, it is expedient we weigh the risk involved in living and working in high-rise building.  The Grenfell Towers fire disaster is not the first time an ugly incident in a high-rise building will lead ...

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The Housing needs of Nigerian Paraplegics is a call to action


It has been observed that disabled people especially those that are paralyzed from the waist down, also known as paraplegics are often times neglected when the issue of housing comes under focus. This article highlights the housing needs of Nigerian Paraplegics and calls governmental organizations to action. Disability is a common human condition and people with disabilities are often products ...

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