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Why Housing Shortage Persists in Lagos

Housing Shortage in Lagos

Decent and affordable housing is one of the basic needs of individuals, family and the community at large. In this piece, we look at the problems associated with housing delivery in Lagos. Despite her huge potentials, why do you think housing shortage persists in Lagos? As a pre-requisite to the survival of man, housing ranks second only to food. Housing ...

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The Implications of rising cost of building materials in Nigeria

Building materials

In recent times there has been a dramatic increase in the costs of building materials in Nigeria, and this development threatens the performance of the construction industry. This article assesses the implications of the recent rising cost in building materials. Building materials have been playing an important role in the construction industry—they are those materials put together in erecting or ...

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An Overview of Housing Demand and Supply In Nigeria

Housing demand

The migration of people from rural areas to urban centres has been increasing at an alarming rate. This has resulted in an increase in housing demand in most of our urban centres in Nigeria. The failure of the government on housing demand and supply is the focus of this article. Housing demand can be explained as the willingness and ability ...

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