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Bad Market – Episode 17

Bad Market - Episode 10

Somehow the fracas that ensued at Legacy Exclusive Lounge was curtailed by the staff and other guests at the lounge. Mr. Filafa had to vacate the premises with his goons for peace to reign, while Timi and his squad remained. As for me, there was no point staying around anymore. :::::::::::::: Read Previous Episodes here :::::::::::: On reaching the house ...

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Bad Market – Episode 15

Bad Market - Episode 12

It was a sweet relief when Dr. Sokari informed me that dad would be discharged soon. He had spent almost a month at the military hospital in Ikoyi but it felt like a year. My family was literally falling apart as a result of his long-absence and there was virtually little I could do to salvage the situation. :::::::::::::::::::::::Read Previous ...

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