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Bad Market – Episode 6

Bad market - episode 6

If a soothsayer told me whilst I was leaving the house that I will still be out by 11 p.m, I would have had a good laugh. Albeit, here I was amid a group of ragtag cultists whose capon was my lowlife brother. ::::::::::Read Episode 5 of Bad Market here::::::: My phone had been ringing like forever, my parents especially ...

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Lagos Tenancy Law: How Much Do You Know?

Lagos Introduces E-Planning Permit

Begin this article HERE …into a house, the owner agrees to release the house and charges one hundred thousand every month, and you take it, you have accepted. For instance, you are going to Maryland and a vehicle passes calling for Yaba, you get in and indicate your exit at Maryland. What you have just done is agree with the ...

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