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The World’s Dirtiest Cities

Dirtiest cities in the World

Do you know that African cities are among the dirtiest cities in the world? In this article we take a look at the world’s dirtiest cities and why they are regarded as the dirtiest. Pollution is one of the most dangerous issues plaguing the world today. Water pollution causes a decline of safe drinking water. Air pollution leads to health ...

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A Brief History of Urbanisation In Nigeria


Urbanisation is an unavoidable global trend that has held sway since time immemorial. The situation is so intimidating that many governments are usually in a fix as to how to tackle its excesses. This article goes down memory lane in an attempt to explain how urbanisation started in Nigeria to the point we are now. Available data on urbanisation in ...

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Why the Elderly should be considered when designing Buildings


Our population is ageing rapidly, with the recent average life expectancy of Nigerians put at 54.5 years for both males and females. Therefore providing good elderly care becomes increasingly important. Many elderly Nigerians are in bad health and most live in dilapidated homes, but wouldn’t it be a worthy idea if we make efforts at creating a suitable home for ...

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My Home, My Interactions


Shelter cannot stand alone without Human interactions brought into retrospect. The reason why we want to stay or live in a particular location sanely should be the proximity of such place to out day to day interactions or activities. This article analyses how Nigerians decide on their places of residence against the odds. It is said that if by 54 ...

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