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LAGOS MEGA CITY PROJECT: HOMS to drive Urban Regeneration

In addition to its infrastructure upgrade and environmental transformation, the Lagos State government is using its pace-setting home ownership mortgage scheme—the LagosHOMS—to drive urban regeneration that would ultimately dovetail into its dream mega city status. This regeneration which has already seen some footprints in some parts of the state, particularly Ikeja and Lagos Island, involves the demolition of obsolete housing ...

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If you are considering going in the path of mortgage to finance your dream of building your first house, it is not a far-fetched idea. You should however consider carefully and with the help of experts the various types of mortgages available and the details involved since each mortgage type have its own interest rate and flexibility; all of which ...

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Exclusive Interview With Real Estate Icon Prof. Timothy Nubi pt. 2

NREH: I don’t know what your opinion is about another model of financing housing construction that has been lauded successful especially in the eastern part of the continent. It runs like a gradual incremental micro housing finance. Mortgage for us in our country looks like a high horse hanging there. Micro housing finance looks like its closer to us but ...

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