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Land grabbers as threat to Nigeria’s real estate sector

Oyo State

Land grabbing in Nigeria will remain an albatross to the citizens of the country until decisive measures are taken to reverse the ongoing trend. Land in the country has continued to appreciate coupled with the fact that in the southern part of Nigeria land ranks like gold because of its sparse nature. Take, for instance, states like Anambra and Lagos ...

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The 6 Rangers Of Your Real Estate Journey

Real estate Journey

A real estate journey involves the steps you take on the pathway of a real estate transaction or business. And just like in every journey we embark on, you are bound to meet people who will either make your journey eventful or hinder you from completing it. Investing in real estate is one of the best business decisions you can ...

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The Dark Agents of Real Estate Business

dark agents

Don’t be easily fooled by plenty talks, not every real estate agent or developer goes into the business of real estate having their client’s best interest at heart. This article turns searchlights on the dark agents of real estate business Real estate transactions involve the leasing, renting, buying or selling of property and is viewed as a very profitable venture. ...

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Real Estate Scams and How To Avoid Them

real estate scams

The Real Estate industry in Nigeria is fraught with various issues or cases of people being duped either by estate agents, con artists and the so called omoniles. This article gives you an insight into the real estate scams in the Nigerian context, and how it can be avoided. With the demand for accommodation more than supply, it then doesn’t ...

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An Analysis of Housing Demand in Lagos State – Roland Igbinoba

housing demand

Do you know that the housing demand estimate in Lagos state is roughly 4.4 million units, the estimated current supply of housing in the state is 1,417,588 units, and the estimated gap between housing demand and supply for Lagos state is roughly 3 million units. With an annual population growth rate estimated at 6-8%, Lagos is considered the fastest growing ...

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The 10 Commandments of Land Transactions In Nigeria

land transactions

For many, buying land is not much of a big deal, what is more worrisome is the ease of being defrauded in a country such as ours during land transactions. There have been many cases of land scams in the past and recent times. This article highlights the 10 commandments of land transactions in Nigeria every prospecting landlord must adhere ...

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Why You Should Survey That Land Now!


A Survey plan is a document that measures the boundary of a parcel of land to give an accurate measurement and description of that land.  This article highlights important facts why a survey plan is needed for your land. The people that handle survey issues are Surveyors and they are regulated by the office of the Surveyor general in Lagos ...

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What You Should Know About Land Status

land status

Ordinarily knowing your land status saves you from several heartaches that come with land hassles. I have witnessed many cases in the course of my real estate sojourn where people buy land without doing their due diligence. Today, I will be giving you an insight into what you should know about different land status. Imagine a situation where Ministry of ...

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Nigeria’s Land Use Act And The Common Man

Buy Land In Nigeria

Since the enactment of  Nigeria’s Land Use Act in 1978, there have been many outcries concerning it. The controversy surrounding the Act is as heated as the corruption war of the Buhari administration. This article views the gains and the loss of Nigeria’s Land Use Act and how it affects the average Nigerian. Nigeria the pearl of the black world ...

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