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A Rant about The Menace Of Omoniles: Is Government Doing Enough?


Are you preparing to start construction on your landed property in Lagos? Have you budgeted a portion of the construction fee for the Omoniles? For how long will this trend continue? Shouldn’t the government take drastic measures to tackle the menace of Omoniles? If the pronouncement by the Lagos state government is to be taken seriously, then the days of ...

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Proven Low Cost Housing Strategies to Construct Your House

low cost housing

If you are searching for proven low cost housing strategies to construct your house, then take time to digest this article. I will be sharing with you some proven tips that will help you to construct affordable income apartment with ease. Most middle and low income earners aspiring to become landlords are getting frustrated because of different forms of challenges manifesting ...

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The Dark Agents of Real Estate Business

dark agents

Don’t be easily fooled by plenty talks, not every real estate agent or developer goes into the business of real estate having their client’s best interest at heart. This article turns searchlights on the dark agents of real estate business Real estate transactions involve the leasing, renting, buying or selling of property and is viewed as a very profitable venture. ...

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LAND CONFLICTS: How it started and why it still occurs

Land conflicts

All over the world, people struggle for land. Many of them struggle with land conflicts and some of them struggle to solve them peacefully. This article aims to facilitate the understanding of people’s position, attitude and behaviour, as well as their underlying interests and motivation when an asset such as land ownership is at stake. From the ancient Greek myths ...

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Why Due Diligence is Important in Real Estate Investing

due diligence

If you are planning to venture into real estate investing, and have done some research, I’m quite sure you’ve already encountered the phrase “Due Diligence” many times over. What then is due diligence and why is it very important in real estate investing? Due diligence in real estate investing is a process where you are taking the necessary and reasonable ...

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Top 10 Challenges Facing Nigeria’s Real Estate Sector

Nigeria's real estate sector

Despite the fact that the economy of the world’s most populous black nation is presently in recession, Observers still believe that Nigeria’s real estate sector still evolves at a tremendous pace. The focus of this article are the factors that constitute a stiff opposition to the country’s emerging real estate industry. There is no doubt that other budding sectors of ...

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The Menace Of Land Grabbers In Nigeria

land grabbers

Land grabbers won’t be called land grabbers if their activities were legal. According to WIKI, Land grabbing is the contentious issue of large-scale land acquisitions: the buying or leasing of large pieces of land in developing countries, by domestic and transnational companies, governments, and individuals. This article looks into the menace of land grabbers in Nigeria and how their activities affect the common ...

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