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The Urban Housing Crisis In Nigeria

urban housing crisis in Nigeria

The relevance of housing in urban and rural environment cannot be over-emphasised. It contributes to the attainment of physical and moral health of a nation, stimulates social stability, the work efficiency, and the development of the individuals. This articles examines the urban housing crisis in Nigeria. Previous responses to the urban housing crisis in Nigeria has failed largely due to ...

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The Ugly Side of Housing Delivery in Nigeria

housing deficit probems

It is common knowledge that the average Nigerian presently lives in abject poverty, though the ruling class pretend not to be aware. Sadly, poverty and poor housing have direct bloodlines. This article analyses poor housing delivery in Nigeria. A huge percentage of our populace live in inadequate or inappropriate housing, or worse still totally homeless, especially in urban cities. In ...

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What You Should Know About The Proposed Lagos Smart City

Lagos smart city

Lagos Smart City: By all indications Lagos arguably the most populated city in Nigeria is set to become the first smart city in Africa following her historic partnership with the city of Dubai in the last month. According to the number one citizen of Lagos state, Governor Ambode the Lagos smart city project is a deliberate attempt by the government ...

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The Challenges of Urban Cities In Nigeria

urban cities

Though Nigeria has a couple of urban cities that attract foreigners, visitors and investors, these cities rapid rate of urbanization does come with its challenges. There are indeed grey areas that need to be looked into for major Nigerian cities such as Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos, Calabar and Enugu to attain their full potentials. A critical assessment of the bottlenecks ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry Over Your Real Estate Investment

real estate investment

Your real estate investment could possibly the best investment of  your life, so anything that affects it negatively will definitely affect you in many ways. This article allays the fear that comes with an expected market fall or  economic depression. There are times when the growth of the real estate industry has drawn the nervous energy of the local and ...

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