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5 Rental Mistakes That Could Make You Lose Your Property

Rental Mistakes

Real estate rental investing seems so easy; passive income, property appreciation, tax benefits and more but people often makes some serious rental mistakes. The reality of life as a landlord isn’t so rosy. It’s hard work. It takes time, research and careful study to understand the business. It’s far easier to lose money on rental property than to make money. ...

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Property Research Mistakes That Could Be Costly

Property research

There’s no question that research is the lifeblood of a successful property investment. Without thorough property research, you’re investing blind and taking on a huge risk. Thanks to the explosion of available information online, doing your property research these days has become so much easier. Everything is available at your fingertips. Yet many people, even seasoned investors, can sometimes make ...

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7 Steps To Getting Started In Property Investment

Property Investment

When it comes to property investment, it is something most people think about. It is probably the only business venture that is risk free once it’s legit. Yet for many when push comes to shove, you get stopped. It’s not surprising that a lot of people get overwhelmed by the process and quit before they even begin. But it doesn’t ...

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Top UK markets for property investment

Experience Invest looks at the best UK property investment markets When considering buying a buy-to-let property, investors should try to look for a balance between low property prices and high rental returns. London-based property agent, Experience Invest has rounded-up the top UK markets for property investment based on rental returns. MANCHESTER Manchester is widely known as the UK’s second city. ...

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