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Tips: How to Increase Your Property’s Value Before Selling

Sure Tips on How to Increase Your Property's Value Before Selling

When it comes to putting up your property for sale, it is important to know that the property’s value is directly proportional to the amount of money it will command in the market. A dilapidated house with dirty and shrunken features will not command the same market price as a beautifully house with a nicely mowed lawn. According to real-estate ...

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How Property Valuation Works

Property valuation

Property valuation is key to setting the right price for that property in an open and competitive market where there are hardly no second chances for not getting it right at the onset. In this article we take a look at ‘How Property Valuation Works’. In transactions involving sales of houses, the first focal point is knowing your home’s worth ...

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Real estate stakeholders call for implementation of global standards


The Nation reports that real estate stakeholders have called for the implementation of international standards in their business. They spoke  at the yearly conference of the Nigeria Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV), Lagos State chapter. Its theme was: Standardisation of valuation reports in Nigeria. Nelson Thorpe Alonge Chartered Surveyors and Estate Valuers Senior Partner/Chief Executive Officer Victor Alonge said ...

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3 Reasons Your Property Agent Should Be Your Best Friend

property agent

It’s probably wise not to have someone that is already your friend as your property agent but it’s smart to turn your property agent into your best friend. This article gives reasons why your property agent should be your best friend Here are the 3 major reasons: 1. You will be in constant contact with your property agent The sale, ...

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A Seller’s Worst Pricing Mistakes


Many people who put up their homes or properties for sale are usually confused as to the best price to tag their property and often times they make pricing mistakes. This article delves into the worst pricing mistakes a seller can make. If a house that has been put up for sale doesn’t leave the market for a long while, ...

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What you should do to be a successful real estate agent

Its been quite a long while since our last discussion and I want to seize this opportunity to apologize to our readers for the delay in bringing you the last topic in the ‘success tips series’. Its been a long journey from our starting point to our present position and you would want to agree with me every single moment ...

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Why Road Noise Should Influence Property Valuation

Due to the ignorance of Nigerians on the fact that there exist a close nexus between noise pollution and sustainable city, little or no attention is paid to the control of noise pollution in Nigeria. Motor vehicle, a significant symbol of modern civilization, not only brings convenient transportation to our society but also gives off unpleasant traffic noise in living ...

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