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INVESTMENT DECISION: By Variety or By Emotion?

investment decisions

A lot of people find it hard to separate their human emotions from making important life decisions. Many escape unhurt, but majority do not. When you are making an investment decision, friendship or family does not matter as much as what the investment itself entails. You need to eliminate all forms of sentiment that may be flashing through your mind, ...

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Questions you need to ask your property investment adviser


Advice around property is a minefield, despite the issues inherent in seeking out help no one should feel that they can’t find decent information and assistance if they need it. These days anyone from accountants, financial planners, buyers’ agents, property mentors and even some developers can have a property advice wing that looks to help investors strategise. Here are 10 ...

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Buy Now Pay Later: Who Can Be Trusted?


This is the second part of the “Buy Now Pay Later” Series. Remember we are still discussing THE DYNAMICS OF LANDED PROPERETIES WITH FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTIONS. Last time, we discussed the reason it seems many real estate companies are in the business of “Buy Now Pay Later”. If you missed it, you can read it here. Today, I shall be ...

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Title Deed in Real Estate Investment

exchange of letters for the transfer of title to land

A deed, as defined in the dictionary is a signed document pertaining to the ownership or legal rights of landed property. Ownership, legal, rights, property, signed are some of the keywords that stand out here.  Like in all other aspects of investment, in real estate business, the seller and buyer must come together, negotiate and either seal a deal successfully ...

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Enhancing Your Real Estate Investment For Sale

Firms launch N20b trust fund to boost real estate

There comes a time during the course of any real estate investment when it becomes clear that selling off the property is the best course. When that time comes, getting the most out of your piece of real estate is crucial to seeing the big payoff at the end of the real estate investment experience that you have been expecting ...

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6 Facts and Myths about Real Estate Investing

real estate a good investment

Real estate investing may be a big deal, but the rules governing it are simple. Buying a house or a property should be a very wise and calculative step otherwise you can get into procuring an inappropriate and inadequate house that falls short of your housing needs. This article suggests 6 Myths and Facts about real estate investing that can ...

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5 Tips On How To Make a Smart Real Estate Purchase

Stakeholders seek improvement in real estate investments

What does it take to make a smart real estate purchase? So many people make the mistake of sealing a real estate purchase or deal without weighing the pros and cons just because the deal appears to be juicy. This article dishes out 5 worthy tips to bear in mind before finalizing that life-changing deal. Real estate scam is a ...

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CACOL Urges EFCC To Begin Investigation On Buratai’s $1.5m Dubai Real Estate Investment

property ownership investigations

Nigerians are eager to know how a Nigerian Army General saved the sum of $1.5 million from his earnings as a soldier that he purportedly used to buy expensive real estate property in the United Arab Emirates. Among the many Nigerians are the Nigerian civil society and the Coalition against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL).  A petition was sent on Wednesday to the Economic ...

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Analysts Says Its Time To Invest In Nigerian Real Estate

Analysts Says Its Time To Invest In Nigerian Real Estate

Nigeria is facing a very challenging business environment with the country’s economy under strain, depreciating by over 25 per cent in the past year, leading to investors look into other sectors to put their investments into. According to analysts this might be one of the best times to look into the Nigerian real estate market. In an interview with CNBC, ...

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4 key aspects of location in real estate investment

real estate investment

As in many aspects of life, the key to real estate investment can just be location. There are a few things you can look for in the area of your possible real estate investment that can tell you some important things about the possible long-term health of your potential investment. 1.  Check For Growth Is the area you’re looking at ...

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