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Winners and Losers In Real Estate Investment

real estate investment

If there is some sort of investment that has investors across the world pining for, it has to be the real estate investment arena. Investment in properties is not just rewarding, it is also exciting. This article takes a critical look at the winners and losers in real estate investment While there are several more options in investment like stocks, foreign ...

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Importance of DUE DILIGENCE for a Real Estate Investor

due diligence

Over the years, I have met several people who have gone into real estate investment without doing proper DUE DILIGENCE. Today I will be sharing with you the importance of DUE DILIGENCE for a real estate investor I am sure a number of people reading this have had a fair share of real estate investments that did not go well. ...

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Africa’s Real Estate Pearls in 2015

Africa’s real estate has skyrocketed over the years and its presently on a high that needs to be fully exploited to produce the much needed bang it duly deserves. Though Africa’s real estate assets could contribute only few drops of water in the ocean of the world’s real estate enclave, its still an emerging market that has been noticeably rising ...

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