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Where to invest N250,000 right now


To invest can be difficult for people who are barely able to get by on their salaries, especially in a country like Nigeria with a high rate of inflation and a currency that is susceptible to devaluation. The typical Nigerian is struggling to make ends meet. In 2021, the national minimum pay for federal employees in Nigeria was set at ...

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Investors, developers, opt for crowdfunding to finance real estate

real estate

Amid paucity of funds and advances in technology sweeping across most industries on a global scale, operators in the Nigerian real estate sector are adopting the concept of crowdfunding, as an inevitable source of funding project. The industry described by experts as capital intensive has overtime been badly impacted by inaccessibility to land, stifling mortgage systems, difficult land titling procedures, ...

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What You Should Know About Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)


A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is an organization that engages in financing and investing in real estate directly, either through mortgages or properties thus generating a high level of income, diversification and long-term capital appreciation for investors. This article educates us on the function of REITs. REITs can be public, private and non-listed but most REITs are listed on ...

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Unmasking the Future of Real Estate in Nigeria

Dr Okonkwo says real estate industry needs financing like others

As professionals and stakeholders in the Nigerian Housing Sector has always clamoured , there is no platform as strong and promising for the transformation of the Nigerian economy as the real estate/ housing development sector. In this article we unmask the future of real estate development in Nigeria. The potentials of real estate are so huge, one only needs to ...

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Investors advised to leverage REITs as alternative real estate financing

Stakeholders Seek Local Mortgage Financing Solutions

Investors in real estate and general infrastructure have been advised to leverage Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) as a viable alternative to traditional sources of project financing. This is recognizing that a major constraint to the growth of the real estate sector in Nigeria is funding which, analysts say, suffers from short-term deposit supply and long-term lending demand mismatch. The complexity and capital intensive nature of real estate developments and transactions, the analysts add, demands proper and adequate funding, ...

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