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Why a Professional Property Manager Should Manage Your Property

Ghana real estate

For many property owners in Nigeria, asking a professional property manager to manage a property is like spending money like a drunken sailor. Most property owners don’t believe a professional property manager does anything special, so why employ one? There’s so much a professional property manager can do to that residential rental property or commercial property that would bring immense ...

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Group alerts over violation of Lagos tenancy law

population and habitation in Lagos

Vanguard reports that a civil society organisation, the Save Lagos Group has raised an alarm over widespread abuse of the Lagos State Tenancy Law by house owners in the state, with a call on the state government to live up to its obligations of enforcing the law. Vanguard reports that according to the Save Lagos Group, there is the need ...

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How Landlords Can Effectively Deal With Problem Tenants

Problem tenants

Problem tenants can be a handful and it takes a lot of wisdom on the path of a landlord to deal with them effectively without the landlord putting himself in a bad light. It is therefore essential that landlords tread carefully when trying to tackle an existing problem with a tenant who may likely not see reasons with him. Hoarding, ...

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