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Why Housing Shortage Persists in Lagos

Housing Shortage in Lagos

Decent and affordable housing is one of the basic needs of individuals, family and the community at large. In this piece, we look at the problems associated with housing delivery in Lagos. Despite her huge potentials, why do you think housing shortage persists in Lagos? As a pre-requisite to the survival of man, housing ranks second only to food. Housing ...

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Housing Satisfaction In Nigeria – The Plight of Poor Urban Dwellers

urban dwellers

The poor urban dwellers in Nigeria are made up of Low income earners or No income earners as the case may be. This article examines the variables that have relationship with the poor urban dwellers deriving residential housing satisfaction and attaining sustainable environmental quality in Nigeria, especially in urban cities of Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Warri, Calabar and Ibadan. Though it is ...

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