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Where is the best resort center you ever visited located?

resort center

Creating a balance between work time and relaxation time sometimes seem quiet tedious; most especially for the workaholics amongst us. That’s why visiting a resort center once in a while helps us to unwind and relax. Vacationing on a regular basis will do amazing things for your health and your mind. However, we know that everyday life can get in ...

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The Pros and Cons of Selling Your Property This Christmas Season

selling your property

Christmas may come with its grandeur but is the season really a good time to sell your property? Christmas is a time that comes up often, with mixed opinions. There are both pros and cons to selling your property over the holidays, which are worth considering. Disadvantages of Selling over Christmas One of the obvious disadvantages of selling your property ...

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Nigerians spend over N310bn on Dubai vacation

Three-hundred-thousand Nigerians spent about N310 billion on vacation in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in December, 2014, more than the annual budgets of a majority of the states in Nigeria. BusinessWorld Intelligence reveals that they spent about N60 billion on flights, N9 billion on visas, N120 billion on accommodations and N110 billion on shopping. A source in The First ...

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