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WHO highlights new guidelines on better housing


World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued new guidelines, highlighting that better homes invariably lead to better standards of health. It said, “housing is becoming increasingly important to health in light of urban growth, aging populations, and climate change.” According to the agency, studies had shown that poor housing had implications for a wide range of health conditions, including respiratory, cardiovascular ...

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Why Building Standards Exist: The Pains And Gains

Building standards

A society without building standards to regulate the erection or construction of buildings, or a society with land regulation laws should be prepared for anarchy. This article gives useful insights as to why building standards exist. As cities become the center piece of contemporary development and as land become more scarce and inaccessible for requisite developmental purposes, the quest to ...

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Is The Planned Return Of Toll Gates a Step Forward Or Backward?

toll gates

Though opportunities may surface if tolls are introduced on our highways, it doesn’t mean it won’t come with the challenges which formed the core of the reason for the demolition of same in 2004. In view of this, it is crucial the present government make the masses understand the yardstick behind the planned re-establishment of toll gates on our federal ...

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The poor link between housing and health

Housing and health

The 3P’s: Poverty, Poor Housing and Health In recent years, environmental health science has broadened the scope of its inquiries, expanding its investigations beyond the effects of single pollutants on individuals to incorporate the entire panorama of external factors that may affect people’s health. Consideration of the health impacts of the built environment—the human-modified places where we live, work, play, ...

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