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A Brief History of Urbanisation In Nigeria


Urbanisation is an unavoidable global trend that has held sway since time immemorial. The situation is so intimidating that many governments are usually in a fix as to how to tackle its excesses. This article goes down memory lane in an attempt to explain how urbanisation started in Nigeria to the point we are now. Available data on urbanisation in ...

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Why the Elderly should be considered when designing Buildings


Our population is ageing rapidly, with the recent average life expectancy of Nigerians put at 54.5 years for both males and females. Therefore providing good elderly care becomes increasingly important. Many elderly Nigerians are in bad health and most live in dilapidated homes, but wouldn’t it be a worthy idea if we make efforts at creating a suitable home for ...

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

most dangerous roads

Here is a list of 10 most dangerous roads in the world. These roads have high death rates and are extremely dangerous. The people who live around these areas depend on these roads for their daily transportation; so consider yourself lucky. About 1.3 million people die in traffic accidents every year. The World Health Organization has declared 2011-2021, “A decade ...

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Why Building Standards Exist: The Pains And Gains

Building standards

A society without building standards to regulate the erection or construction of buildings, or a society with land regulation laws should be prepared for anarchy. This article gives useful insights as to why building standards exist. As cities become the center piece of contemporary development and as land become more scarce and inaccessible for requisite developmental purposes, the quest to ...

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Is The Planned Return Of Toll Gates a Step Forward Or Backward?

toll gates

Though opportunities may surface if tolls are introduced on our highways, it doesn’t mean it won’t come with the challenges which formed the core of the reason for the demolition of same in 2004. In view of this, it is crucial the present government make the masses understand the yardstick behind the planned re-establishment of toll gates on our federal ...

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