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Top 10 Most Unusual Homes In The World

unusual homes

There some buildings on earth with very weird designs that would make anyone asides the architects who came up with such concept what on earth was the motive behind such designs. This article lists the top 10 most unusual homes in the world Some buildings diverge from the norm so much that they make you stop and think about how architects ever came ...

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Top 10 Most Visited Countries In the World

most visited countries

There are many countries in the world that attract visitors to their domain daily; these countries are many foreigners’ delight. In this article, we take a look at the top 10 most visited countries in the world. What makes certain countries so attractive to visit for non-citizens of the countries? Economics, proximity to other affluent countries, and natural and man-made ...

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Top 10 Least Visited Countries in the World

Every country can’t be like the United Kingdom, United States of America, France or Spain. There are some countries that hardly receive visitors. Most of the countries that make up the top 10 least visited countries in the world are actually Island nations. Here are the top 10 least visited countries in the world: 1. TUVALU Annual visitors: 1k Tuvalu is ...

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#LagosAt50: Celebrating Half a Century of Excellence!


Every man has a history so does a place. Which state in Nigeria has a better history than Lagos? Which place in the most populous black nation in the world enjoys such fame and adulation as the city of excellence wields. In this article, we celebrate #LagosAt50 in our best way possible, and how best can we do that than ...

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10 Terrifying Facts You Never Knew About The Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular region in the North Atlantic ocean that is somewhat bounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.This article reveals 10 terrifying facts you never knew about the Bermuda Triangle The area that harbours the Bermuda triangle has been known to exude paranormal activity and is even feared by many people. Although many skeptics will chose ...

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The Top 10 Most Controversial Tourist Sites In The World

op 10 most controversial tourist sites

The events that besiege me daily, both online and offline sometimes gets me thinking what runs through the mind of some human inhabitants of this earth. There are too many odd things about the world we live in that gives me the chills. This article brings to light the top 10 controversial tourist sites in our bizarre world. Before you ...

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Top 5 Deadliest Places In Nigeria

5 deadliest places in Nigeria

There was a period in our lives when terrorism and insurgency was alien to Nigeria, these days it has become a civil service job or you may want to call it a daily chore. No day passes by without news of Fulani herdsmen or Boko Haram attacks being reported in the media. This article lists “Top 5 Deadliest Places In ...

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5 Mind Boggling Underwater Cities in the World

underwater cities

Have you heard of the legend of Atlantis; the ancient, once great city that was lost when the ocean submerged it? This article showcases 5 Mind Boggling Underwater Cities in the World. For those of us who have heard of the legend of Atlantis, the story might just have been a myth invented by Plato to present his theories about ...

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Top 5 Most Underrated Yet Fabulous Nigerian Cities

most underrated cities in Nigeria

There are some cities in Nigeria that are quite fabulous with grandeur but you don’t usually get to hear so much about these cities because they are in a class of their own only known to few. These cities may not stand the competition prominent Nigerian cities of Abuja, Lagos, Calabar and Port Harcourt pose but they still stand out ...

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The 7 Wonders of Lagos

7 wonders of Lagos

It may seem unnatural to list any tourist site in Lagos among the 7 wonders of Nigeria, considering the numerous tourist attractions in the country, regardless there are some interesting sites in the city of excellence also; sites that can leave anyone who visits spellbound. Just like we did last week with our list of 7 natural wonders of Nigeria, ...

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