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Bargain of the day: The Real Deal in Real Estate

bargain of the day

You want to know the best business decision you can make in 2016?  That will be investing in real estate through Realty Point’s “Bargain of the day” offer. This piece gives useful insight to this off-the-hook initiative. It’s a new year of new beginnings, new opportunities and new innovations. The Pendulum swings forth signaling another chance at taking that step ...

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10 Reasons You Should Marry A Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent

For a Nigerian lady, considering a real estate agent for a relationship often times has nothing to do with his profession because they hardly view it as one of the most prestigious professions in this part of the world. Therefore, where prestige is absent, wealth becomes paramount. This piece offers Nigerian ladies 10 possible reasons their search for a potential ...

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List Of Nigerian Politicians Who Have Properties In Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Dubai Real Estate Sales Hit AED225 Billion In 2015

President Muhammadu Buhari recently signed series of agreement with United Arab Emirate (UAE) which is expected to aid recovery of Nigeria’s stolen money and assets. This agreement may have started yielding results as a list of Nigerian politicians who own houses in UAE has been released according to reports. According to Sahara reporters, some notable Nigerians had several businesses and ...

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Govt. Should Team Up With REDAN In Providing Mass Housing – Wamakko

Govt. Should Team Up With REDAN In Providing Mass Housing - Wamakko

Alhaji Aliyu Oroji Wamakko is the deputy national president, Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN) and chairman/CEO, Jedo Investment Company Limited. He has pointed out that there is need for the government to team up with REDAN in order to solve the mass housing needs in Nigeria. Read excerpts from his interview below: As an expert in real estate ...

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Operatives Seek Non-Mortgage Housing Finance Systems


Reeling from the stain of negative report in which African mortgage markets had been painted by global institutions, as a major impediment in the march to address visible and rapidly growing demand for housing; continent’s mortgage operators and experts recently met in Durban, South Africa to enhance the flow of finance for the troubled sector by calling on the countries to ...

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Lassa Fever: Can We Totally Get Rid Of Rats?

Lassa Fever: Can We Totally Get Rid Of Rat?

You might not know it but more than 41 Nigerians are reported to have been dead following the outbreak of Lassa fever. The death toll has exceeded the figure recorded during the outbreak of the Ebola Virus in the country two years ago. Lassa fever is an acute viral haemorrhagic illness caused by Lassa virus, a member of the arenavirus ...

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The Importance Of Land Surveying To Real Estate

Chartered surveyors call for enabling environment for real estate sector

Land surveying offers remarkable value in terms of protecting your real estate investment. It is a process that must be carried out as soon as possible, after successfully purchasing land. This article intends to analyse the importance of doing a land survey for your property. Land Surveying is one of the oldest professions in the world. The first land surveys ...

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Housing Delivery In Nigeria And The Challenges

18 million housing deficit

In a country with a housing deficit of more than 17 million units, housing delivery in Nigeria is not just unsatisfactory, it is really poor. What are the bottlenecks that continue to debase housing delivery in Nigeria? This article sheds more light on the challenges of housing delivery in Nigeria. Housing delivery in Nigeria is highly suspect but the situation ...

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See Breathtaking Photos Of A 250-million-year-old Cave House

See Breathtaking Photos Of A 250-million-year-old Cave House

Angelo Mastropietro spent £160,000 turning this 250-million-year-old cave into his dream house. From the outside this rocky dwelling looks pretty normal, but inside it has all the furnishings of a regular house. Angelo, 38, spent 1,000 back-breaking hours transforming the historic cave in Wyre Forest, Worcestershire. The real-life Fred Flintstone was living a high-flying life as the head of a ...

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