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10 habits every real estate agent in Nigeria must learn to succeed in 2018

10 new habits every real estate agent in Nigeria must inculcate in 2018

In order to become a successful real estate agent in Nigeria, you have to develop certain habits. It is even more important because we’re almost halfway into the year 2018, and there is no better time to re-strategize and learn new things.

How to Become a Better Real Estate Agent in 2018

As a real estate agent who loves his job and always wants to become even better in this industry, here are 10 habits you must inculcate or improve on before the year runs out:

1. Be Tech Savvy. 

Technology is not restricted to the internet alone. Millions of Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora are on the internet. Technology makes the task of reaching them, enlightening them and selling to them much easier than was possible 30 years ago.

Be Tech Savvy as a real estate agent

In essence, leverage the power of online exposure to grow your businesses. For instance, you could use Apps to reach mobile customers. Using devices like drones also gives you an opportunity to capture images and videos showing exciting views of properties.

2. Respond to your leads and prospects promptly

As a real estate agent, responding to the leads is as important as getting them. Regardless of whether the leads come in via emails, phone calls or Direct Messages on your social media accounts, they are all important. Make it a priority to respond to them as quickly as you can.

Don't slack. Always respond to your leads as a real estate agent

As a house seller or buyer it can be stressful dealing with an agent who’s not a great communicator. The real estate market is time sensitive, so as an agent you need to be always on your A game.

Lately, because of the sheer increase in the number of agents in the Nigeria real estate market, it has become increasingly easy for other agents to snap up your potential clients if you’re found slacking.

3. Praise your team for their efforts, not results.

If you have a team, whom you’ve put together and works under your supervision, do well to praise them often for their efforts.

Everyone thrives on praise. Praise encourages, motivates, and inspires people to achieve greater heights. But how you praise people is key.

  • Praise your colleagues on their individual and group efforts. Never assume their talents or smarts are a given. Otherwise, they may think, “What if I don’t get a deal done next time? Maybe I’m not as smart as you think. Next time I might fail.”
  • Praising effort creates a work environment that values growth and improvement. Strive to create a culture where agents think anything is possible.
  • Regardless of whether a deal closes, provide encouragement such as, “I have total confidence in you.  I’ve never seen you give up. I know you’re going to get there.”

4. Do more video content and post online.

It’s important to do what everyone is doing if you want to reach the larger market. However, to stand out, you have to go an extra mile and videos are powerful vessels to deliver your message. In addition to listing your property online, you should also upload videos of properties you have available to sell or rent.

Do more video content if you are a real estate agent

Also, you can upload videos of tours of the neighbourhood where the properties are located. If you make your videos fun, interesting and engaging, you will reach a larger audience. YouTube offers you a platform to achieve this. Facebook edge rank currently prioritizes video content over other types of content. Also, Youtube users watch over 1 billion hours of videos daily.

5. Get an Assistant

Get an office assistant to support you as a real estate agent

As a busy property agent, there will be times when you will realise that you are struggling to respond to all your marketing emails, phone calls and other enquiries. When this happens, what you need is an assistant.

You might not be financially buoyant enough to put together a team that will share the burden with you, but you can  at least employ an assistant.

Delegation frees up time from petty stuff so you can concentrate on the most important stuff that brings direct revenue.

However, don’t be in a rush to hire a full-time assistant, most especially when you cannot afford it yet.

6. Know your niche like the back of your hand

To build a reputation of a reliable real estate agent, it is very important that you pick out a niche that you want to focus on and that you know the niche in details.

As a real estate agent, you must know your niche

For instance, if you introduce yourself as a real estate agent with expertise on the island in Lagos, it would be a shame if you don’t know neighbourhoods like Lekki, Ajah, Ikoyi and Victoria Island.

However, it is not enough to know just the districts, you should also have a broad knowledge of the best schools around, the best restaurants, the kind of people who go there, the best places to shop. Your clients will have a lot of questions when they approach you to rent or buy an apartment or a property, which reinforces the need to know your neighbourhood.

Also note that when you really know your neighbourhoods, people can tell when you are talking about it and it leaves a strong impression about you and your work.

7. Bring your A game to Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat is a massive part of marketing efforts for all top producers.

You must use social media effectively to succeed as a real estate agent

Taking control of your social media presence can seem overwhelming at first, but small steps over the next year will definitely lead to more business in 2019. Post consistently and create quality content as often as possible.

You should also encourage your friends to share your social media posts on their timelines. The idea is to reach far more people that you would have pulled on your own social media accounts to facilitate a quicker sale.

However, avoid promoting yourself and your business too heavily, because at its core, social media is about building mutually beneficial relationships with others.

8. Advertise online

Paid adverts are effective ways to reach your audience. You must understand that advertising is highly targeted. Your clients are people and companies that need your service. Therefore, you can create ads that target such people.

As a real estate agent, you should endeavour to advertise online more

For example, Google is the most popular search engine in Nigeria and people use it to search for everyday stuff. Reaching people at the point of need using Google ads, for example, delivers better ROI than other channels of marketing.

Paid search advertising essentially stands out as an effective online channel, which leads to fast results. It also attracts good Return On Investment.

9. Add more value 

New technology and innovation is everywhere in the real estate industry, and clients expect the best service. As a real estate agent, consider ways to add value for your clients in a transaction. Clients appreciate simple things like hand-written thank you cards or pizza on moving day. Also think about going the extra step to provide professional advice, information, or insights when relevant.

10. The 10% rule

Real estate agent 10% rule

Balance is crucial to a healthy work life. The 10% rule advocates for allowing yourself 10% of your time to slack off, while the other 90% is dedicated to hard work and healthy habits. In other words, try drinking sufficient water, sleeping 7-8 hours a night, and eating healthy 90% of the time. In your professional life, ensure that you are focused on working hard 90% of the time, while allowing yourself some slack in the other 10%.

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