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10 Best Small Living Room Designs For Your Home [Photos]

A living room should be a place to entertain guests, as well as a space where you can relax and put your feet up. In this short article, we take a look at 10 of the best living room designs for your home. 

Whether you’re relaxing after a long day or entertaining friends and family, the living room is just that – it’s where you live. Being a room that doesn’t require appliances, the space is completely reliant on its decor. Here are 10 different living room designs that showcase a variety of styles and personalities – all different and all of which we love

1.  Contemporary condo
Playing off a black-and-white palette, designer Stacey Cohen adds sparkle through a gorgeous orb light fixture and silver nailhead detail she added to the sofa. The turquoise accents around the room are vibrant and playful, and give the living room that perfect pop of colour.

Living Room Design


2. Hollywood glitz
This eclectic living room design marries vintage furniture with modern pop art that works thanks to the repeated colour palette throughout the space. The variety (and mix) of seating, as well as the use of colour and pattern, make this room a welcome place for friends and family.

Living Room Design

3. Classic and colourful
The colourful adventure of this living room design began with a $10-a-yard chartreuse fabric that, once hung, injected incredible energy into the entire space. While the classic furnishings give a nod to the traditional, they also allow for the bright, bold punches of of personality.

Living Room Design

4. Modern organic
Wood accents, textured rugs and blankets, and antler decor give the impression that this living room has been lifted from a cozy cottage. Once a space cluttered with antiques, it was swept clean to create a basic and comforting retreat. The use of chrome on the coffee table and side table provide a small, but effective contemporary and chic touch.

Living Room Design

5. Girly glam
This chic living room design is an adventure in budget-conscious finds and free-spirited splurges, all of which distinctly define the homeowner’s style. Using colour to add personality and prints to add warmth, the room comes together as the perfect feminine retreat.

Living Room Design

6. Hollywood drama
Black-and-white has never looked so decadent. Inspired by a tuxedo, this living room design seduced us with its old Hollywood glamour from the crisp white walls to the luxe black carpet to the glitzy nail-head details and lighting fixture.

Living Room Design

7. Colourfully eclectic

This condo living room  design proves those small space myths of only using neutrals and avoiding patterns can officially be debunked. The confident and effervescent designer Lindsay Mens Craig manages to seamlessly weave colour and pattern in this compact space with smart furniture placement and reflective surfaces.

Living Room Design8. Modern classic

This neutral-based room is given warmth and life with the use of texture and colour. The imprinted pattern on the rug gives the room a cozy feel whlie the touches of blue in the artwork, throw pillows, tinted coffee table and coffee table books make this neutral space pop.

Living Room Design9. Bold bachelor pad
Bold, traditional and masculine chic quickly come to mind in this room. While the rest of the home is modern and avant-garde, the living room furniture and decor speak to a more traditional style, using family treasures and antiques. The gold-plated Phillipe Starck gun lamp does provide a touch of unconventional whimsy seen throughout the rest of the home.

Living Room Design10. Vintage charm

This beach style home is the perfect example of how a pastel palette, florals and vintage fabrics can soften a room. All these elements harmoniously blend together to create a soothing, airy space where comfort is seemingly mandatory.

Living Room Design

Culled from styleathome.

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