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safest countries in 2015

Top 5 safest countries in 2015

This article talks about the Topmost safest countries in 2015, and yes! Nigeria couldn’t have made this list

There was a time when terrorism was alien to Nigeria, but these days terrorism is now a civil service job. A recent report even suggests that Nigeria has the deadliest terrorist attacks in the world.

In view of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and other parts of the globe, it is expedient to take a critical look at these attacks and its implication to world peace. The war in Syria has taken a whole new dimension as Russia seems to be at logger heads with Turkey over what they call the deliberate downing of a Russian fighter jet by the Turks who claim the pilot of the fighter jet had been issued several warnings to leave their airspace prior to taking it down.

However, in a twist, the pilot of the ill-fated fighter jet has come out to deny the Turkey’s claims saying he barely flew the jet over Turkish airspace for more than 17 seconds. Now, its no longer news that that part of the world is not so safe anymore since the Russians declared war in Syria. Syria on the other hand is not a place to be at this moment in our lives, except of course you are on the verge of committing suicide. In fact the middle east has been a heated region for donkey years.

Truth be told, no where in the world is entirely safe, I mean who would have predicted the attacks in Paris? At the moment, a greater part of Europe is on red alert because you never can tell where ISIS will hit next.

Albeit, amidst the inherent challenges to world peace across the globe, there are still some countries where safety is not a luxury, it is in fact a necessity!

Let’s see our “Top five safest countries in the world in 2015”. These countries are probably immune to crime, corruption, terrorism, natural disasters and even economic crisis. Let’s just say these countries have found better ways to keep their citizens and visitors safe.

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5. Switzerland (GPI Score: 1.275)


  • Switzerland has four official languages and is divided into 26 independent states known as cantons. Each one of them has their own laws and regulations.
  • Switzerland’s well-functioning government is renowned for keeping the violence, political issues and the unemployment rate at a record low.
  • Its robust economy and strict laws continue to attract the highly skilled International investors to this country. It’s home to the world’s most famous banking Institutions and businesses.
  • Besides the diversities found among the local population, Switzerland welcomes the outsiders with open arms. Not only their chocolates are sweet but also the people here are sweet enough to give you the pleasurable experience.
  • The transportation system of Switzerland is punctual by seconds. They value time!.
  • Not to mention, bustling cities, diplomatic relationship it has with the neighboring countries, low crime rate, strong economy, everything makes this country rank higher on the list of most peaceful countries in the world.

4. New Zealand (GPI Score: 1.221)

New Zealand

  • Global Corruption monitoring entity, Transparency International‘s recent report says, New Zealand is “The country with the most transparent political status“.
  • New Zealanders are leading a very satisfied life with their calm and easy going nature. Generally these people want to keep themselves free from community strife and personal violence. Its strict laws and tough punishments are yet another reasons for their low crime rate.
  • Cities of New Zealand are culturally rich and are worth visiting. Grandiose mountains, green meadows, frozen glaciers all these wonders decorate this Island like a heaven on earth.
  • In 2013, Corruption Perception Index ranked New Zealand as the “Least corrupt country in the world“. Unlike in other countries, here you can expect the government officials to do their job without charging any extra cash. Collecting the hidden or unadvertised fee on goods and services is considered as illegal here.
  • Since it boasts the safe and secure environment, you can freely move around, explore the bush, climb mountains, play, picnic, catch the public transports, discover the beaches or enjoy anything to your heart’s content without any fear.

3. Austria (GPI Score: 1.198)


  • By providing high level of security and peacefulness, this country continues to rank in all the lists boasting the “safest countries and best countries” in the recent years.
  • Population of this country is low, and it possesses a rich folk culture. Cities are clean, mostly covered with the snow covered Alps.
  • Austria is popularly known as “The land of Music“. It has produced many timeless musicians to the world.
  • Austria is one of the most scenic and richest countries in the world. Its ever growing tourism sector contributes greatly to this country’s economy. Expats who move to Austria looking for jobs in the tourism industry are sure to be successful. Other areas of employment include research and engineering.
  • To help the locals and tourists easily move around the places, Austria maintains a well managed Integrated public transportation systems. Railways connect the major cities while the bus routes connect most of the smaller towns with major rail networks.
  • Everyone can enjoy down skiing during the winter. You can get all necessary kits for ski sports for both experts and beginners.

2. Denmark (GPI Score : 1.150)


  • Despite being a small country, at a certain point of time, Denmark had faced many serious issues due to crime and terrorism. However, it has successfully tackled all those problems and today it proudly stands on the list of safest countries in the world.
  • Starting from the year 2012, Denmark regularly reserves its spot on the list of the happiest country too.
  • Denmark is comprised of more than 400 small islands, and it is well known for offering equal opportunities and individual freedom. The gap between that exist among the higher officials, and floor workers are remarkably low than in all other countries.
  • Government of Denmark is keener on the concept of internationalization that makes this country as one of the most popular destinations for expats.
  • Since Danish and Swedish languages are closely related to each other, it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see a Dane and Swede conversing so happily in their own tongue. English is taught as the compulsory second language in secondary schools. So almost all people here can speak it well.
  • Irrespective of its small size, Denmark has many things to offer in terms of outdoor, sports, coastline and culture.

1. Iceland (GPI Score: 1.148)

Iceland 2

 If you ask what is the most peaceful country in the world, your answer lies here. By securing the Best Global Peace Index Score 1.148, Iceland wins the title of the most peaceful and safest country in the world in 2015.

  • This country is well known for its frosty climate, impressive attractions, glaciers, hot springs, and of course for the crime rate.
  • Iceland does not have any standing army. Instead, it has the rescue teams moving around. Even the pettiest crimes like pickpocket, wallet snatching are nonexistent in this country.
  • According to the “Global Study on Homicide,”, Iceland’s homicide rate has never exceeded over8 per 100,000 to date.
  • Icelanders love the peaceful state of their country more than anything else. For example, in 2013 when police force killed a man, the whole nation gathered and grieved like losing a member in their own family.
  • Iceland is a country with full of continuous volcanoes eruptions. So are you are interested in seeing the volcano eruptions? Pack your bags to this safest country in the world. Don’t worry. Peaceful ride is guaranteed!.

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