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#AIHS2019: Excerpts from Abuja international housing show

Abuja International housing show(#AIHS2019) is the largest real estate event in Africa. It is a highly anticipated and distinctive forum for local and international players in the real estate sector.

Every year, the occasion is graced by renowned real estate players from different parts of the world who come together to network and share ideas on lingering issues bothering the sector.

The 13th edition of the show was tagged “Driving sustainable housing finance models in the midst of global uncertainties”. Experienced speakers from different parts of the world were strategically chosen to tackle the seemingly irresolvable problems facing the sector.
A chatterbox consisting of professionals from different wings of the sector was also created when these problems were raised.

One of the moderators, Mr. Jide Odusolu who championed the chatterbox opined that coming around every year to talk about the same issue is not the way forward. “Now is the time to take action”, he said. Prof. Timothy Nubi volunteered to be part of the committee and a host of others.

DAY 1 of #AIHS2019

The first day of the event addressed issues bothering around financial trends, mitigating risk and uncertainties in housing finance.

The moderator was Femi Adewole, MD/CEO Family Homes Funds.

Panelists were Debra Erb, Bob Weinchenk, Andrew Chimpondah

The second panel session was moderated by Hakeem Ogunniran.

Panelists were Kecia Rust, Kehinde Ogundimu, Niyi Akinlusi, Sa’Adiya Aliyu, Sade Hughes.

Some real estate players like Sa’Adiya Aliyu MD/CEO, Urban Shelter Limited, Town planner Umar Shuaib(FNIESV), Debra Erb of the overseas private investment operation were graciously awarded to appreciate their tenacity and unrelenting effort in delivering quality services in the sector.

 DAY 2

Discussions around opportunities and challenges of global risk and uncertainties to Nigeria’s housing and finance market was the theme of day 2.

The panelists were Surv. Ugochukwu Chime, Deji Alli, Mounia Tagma, Afolabi Imokhuede, Sa’Adiya Aliyu, and Robert Plattner.

Some of the issues addressed include job unavailability, global risks, housing finance and possible solutions to tackle them.

The second session was moderated by David Gardner.
Panelists were Hakeem Ogunniran, Femi Adewole of Family homes fund, a representative of Ahmed Dangiwa

The issues discussed were innovations in residential housing development, democratizing mortgages, and uncertainties in housing demand and many more.

The 3rd session was moderated by Jumoke Akinwunmi addressing housing demand in the face of growing joblessness and income inequality.

The panelists were Professor Timothy Nubi, Prof Charles Iyangete, Former MD NMRC, Jumoke Adegunle of Lafarge Plc, Jide Odusolu, CEO of Octo5 Holdings Limited and Sam Ordia of Millard Fuller Foundation.


The crux of the discussion on day 3 was about housing demand in the face of growing joblessness and income inequality.

The panelists discussed topics bothering around infrastructure and construction finance, green and energy-efficient housing, redefining mortgage and home buying experience in Nigeria and proptech.

The 4 sessions on the 3rd day were thoroughly delivered by different panelists who know their onions in the field. They did not just discuss the topics; they also proffered possible solutions in which they can be addressed.

Speaking at the second session, Prof. Charles Iyangete talked about the importance of green housing and its benefits. He stated that green housing is a necessity as it helps to preserve the natural habitat and it’s also cost-effective.

Another brilliant mind in the real estate sector, Mr.Debo Adejana moderated the 3rd session which addressed the issue of cooperative housing.

One of the panelist in this session was BRIG General Tunde Reis (RTD), the first director to service a housing directorate of the Nigeria army housing schemes. He shared his experience on how he delivered 500 housing schemes using cooperative method.

Another panelist on this session, Isoken Omo opined that his cooperative was easier to operate because he dealt with army personnel who are more organised and law-abiding.

The last session on day 3 was property technology. Proptech is another aspect of real estate that cannot be overemphasized. The lead speaker, Roland Igbinoba who handled this session made it known to all and sundry that they cannot afford to take the influence of technology out of their business.


Artisans who were trained under the auspices of C-STEMP took over the day 4 of #AIHS2019.
The aim was to open them to different opportunities to help better their skills and also open them to more job opportunities.

To achieve this objective, an MOU was signed between C-STEMP and Family homes fund.
Some of the artisans who spoke at the event lauded the brains behind the initiative and also urged them to continue with the good work as this would help a lot of Nigerians become financially independent.


Artisans at the event

In conclusion, #AIHS2019 was a huge success and its memory will linger for long.

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