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Amaechi tells Lagos-Ibadan rail contractors to speed up work

Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, says he is displeased with the slow pace of work at the Lagos end of the Lagos-Ibadan rail project.
He called on the contractors to speed up work after visiting the project site on Tuesday, October 30, 2018.

The minister said, “There is a slow pace of work in the Lagos axis of the project. The expectations from the sub-contractor appointed for the relocation of pipes and all that were not met.

“The persons relocating the water pipelines are expected to finish by November 2 with different excuses that they discovered other utilities underground. The excuses are not obtainable. I have told them to speed up the work.”

The former Rivers State governor called on the contractors, China Civil Engineer Construction Company (CCECC) to employ Nigerian engineers in their construction works.

He said, “I have instructed the contractor and the project consultant to have local engineers on site.

“The construction of beams which is ongoing is a strategic part of the project which should be understudied by Nigerian engineers to be able to carry out the project in future.”

Rotimi Amaechi stressed that there has been a huge improvement in the project. “Some of the stations won’t take more than one month to complete especially now that the rain is over, so we are still on target,” he added.

He disclosed that emphasis has been made to the contractors to work day and night to ensure the project moves as expected.


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