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Avoiding building collapse
Architect Temidayo Fabiyi

“Avoiding building collapse is a task for every stakeholder” – Architect Temidayo Fabiyi

MD/CEO, FT+D Ltd, Architect Temidayo Fabiyi, in an interview with Nigeria real estate hub correspondent has said that avoiding building collapse in Nigeria is a task for every stakeholder in the building industry.

A graduate of the University of Lagos department of Architecture with a post graduate degree in Environmental Sciences (Architecture) and a member of the Nigeria Institute of Architecture (NIA) said, “Avoiding building collapse is a task that every stakeholder in the building industry must participate in. From the government regulatory agencies, the consultants and the populace”

“There is always the synergy between the architect and the structural engineer on every building design. A successful building project is as a result of the collaboration of the various consultants in the built industry”

Villa Design by FT+D LTD

Villa Design by FT+D LTD

Reiterating the importance of the services of an Architect, he said “The services of an architect are as important as any developmental scheme in the built industry in that – architects transform chaos into order, which basically sums up the job of being a strategist, designer. With each commission architects attempt to push the envelope of development much farther, to do their part to advance things. That is how the world progresses and architects play a significant role in this progression”.

Addressing Nigeria’s housing deficit estimated at 17million housing unit and the role of Architects towards offsetting this deficit, he noted that architects are saddled with the responsibility of tackling the challenge of affordability through design, effective use of space, material and resources.

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“Affordability in itself is a function of income, so basically the term affordable homes is a term that should tie to the income strata of the populace. Research into cost effective alternative building systems and procedures”, he said.

When asked if new architects are joining NIA, he said “Yes newly certified architects are being registered as there is renewed sensitization exercise being carried out by The Nigerian institute of Architects even at the school level”


Design by FT+D LTD

“The Nigerian institute of Architects organises periodic seminars, lectures, forums and continuing professional development exercises though it’s various state chapters.”

FT+D  LTD is a Nigerian company with a background in Architecture founded  in year 2010 with the philosophy of rendering top quality service while maintaining a close, flexible work structure to accommodate the client’s needs and budgetary considerations by consolidating all design and consulting services necessary to our clients through our interdisciplinary professional alliances.

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