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Bad Market – Episode 13

Normalcy had returned to our compound after a period of hullaballoo emanating from the stables of Alhaji Kazeem and Miss Nancy. The duo were beginning to turn our premises to one of those face-me-I-face-you buildings scattered around Lagos before the pretty Hajia Fadiga appeared out of the blues.

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How Hajia Fadiga got even with her husband without a fight still beats my imagination. Every one present when she appeared out of nowhere to stop her husband from doing the unthinkable were held spellbound by Alhaji Kazeem’s reaction to her arrival.

The ex-force man suddenly turned to jelly on sighting his wife, it was like he had finally found what had been missing from his life all along.

Though Hajia looked quite repentant upon her arrival, I began to notice a lot about her that I never knew existed afterwards. Hajia Fadiga now wore make up, spent a whole lot of time on phone whenever she was not in her flat which made me wonder how much time she did spend on phone indoors. She also went out a lot these days.

If Alhaji had suspected she was cheating on him with my brother when her supposed innocence seemed unquestionable, judging by the decency and uprightness of the northern beauty, I wonder what will be his lot this time, because the Hajia Fadiga that reunited with her husband had become a whole lot different from the prim and prudish wife of the Alhaji we knew before her romance with Timi was uncovered.

Alhaji Kazeem barely spent time with his wife as he was always on the road. This laid credence to Timi’s earlier claims that the young Fulani lady was just one of Alhaji Kazeem’s prized asset that adorned his house. We learnt he was starting up an exploration company in Bauchi and was looking at the possibility of relocating.

There were also rumours that he had taken a second wife in his hometown, hence Hajia Fadiga new found ways may be attributed to the latest position of things. One thing was certain though, Hajia Fadiga had eyes for other men

I could swear she never stopped sleeping with Timi because on two occasions I did notice her leave the compound moments after my brother left the house. But I still could not tell what it was she saw in my brother. Anyways, I leave the tales of Hajia Fadiga’s escapades for another day.


Yet another week had gone by without Pa Jimoh, my good old dad. I had managed to cope without him but Timi was obviously taking full advantage of his absence. He never really stayed in the house and when he did he was a nuisance. There was a time I walked in on him smoking weed in the lobby, that was the first time I heard mum really scold him, but that didn’t stop him from proceeding with the act.

It was the last day of the week; I had woken up pretty late after staying up late into the night to watch the GOT 6 series. Mum had left the house at about 10 am having received an emergency call concerning one of Dad’s properties. I was half awake and half asleep when she informed me about the distress call moments before she left the house.

I finally woke up from my slumber at about 1 pm. Actually I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. It had been a call from Mr. Shina concerning an issue in Dad’s property at Amosun street, Ojota.

“Barrister there is fire on the mountain o! You have to get here as fast as possible.” Mr. Shina spoke with his characteristic Ibadan accent. The middle aged man didn’t even let me respond to his alarming call or find out what it was really about before he hung up. I tried calling back just so I could get first hand info as to what was the matter, but Mr. Shina wouldn’t answer his call.

I quickly ran into the bathroom for a cold bath, thereafter brushed my teeth. I darted into my room to throw on a casual top and a pair of jeans without doing my normal ritual after a refreshing bath. Then, I ran out of the house as fast as my leg could take me but had to return to get the key to Dad’s camry car.

I stepped out of the house a second time only to find Sotonye standing by the car. She was looking stunning as usual. Sometimes I wondered what it was that held me back from asking the pretty girl out because it had become obvious that she wanted me. “Was it because she was the daughter of my Dad’s most trusted tenant or was it my coy nature around pretty girls.” The latter was an attribute of mine that I had become legendary for.

“Hi Dele”


“You going out?”

“Yeah, I have to get to Ojota ASAP”

“You mind if I follow you?”

“I wouldn’t have, but this is really personal,” My phone rang just as I was about entering the car. It was a call from Mr. Shina. I answered the call instantly.

“Barrister where are you?”

“I’m on my way sir”

“On your way since I called you? Your mum and brother have been arrested by the police” Mr. Shina said with a tone of resignation

“What?” Once again he didn’t let me ask questions before he hung up!


Bad Market continues next week…

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