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Bad Market – Episode 16

I managed to flee from my brother’s wrath and his evil intent which I didn’t even bother to have an inkling about. There were few times I had seen Timi with such look on his face during our growing up years, and those times I ended up brutalized. It was usually a murderous rage that if left untamed could wipe out an entire generation.

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I couldn’t even get the mathematics assignment anymore because getting it would have meant been around to see my brother transform from his human form to a monster. I couldn’t sacrifice my life for a mere mathematics assignment I wasn’t even sure of its importance to my continuous assessment scores.

Later that day at school I was stunned when I saw Timi in the company of the prettiest twins I have ever come across. Asides being awesomely pretty, Mary and Martha were the most popular females our school had back then. They never rolled with fellow students and I sometimes wondered why on earth they decided on a school like Ojota Comprehensive High School to run their high school education considering their class and their parent’s status in the society.

It was even rumoured back then in school that they dated some male teachers and never went out with students except that student had money to throw around. Albeit on this fateful day, they were with Timi in the school’s cafeteria and even after school I spotted them at the most popular joint in Ojota were young guys and ladies usually went to have fun.

Legacy Exclusive Lounge was out of bounds for secondary school students but some fast lane students of Ojota Comprehensive High School and bordering schools who had money to throw around go chill at the lounge after school hours.

The final day of heats for the inter-house sports competition was finally concluded at about 6pm with the Javelin event. It was time for the various winners of some of the field events that were concluded on the day of heats and athletes that qualified for the Inter-house sports final to celebrate their laudable feats.

For those of us fans and supporters who did not participate in any of the events, especially junior students, it was time to go home. The final day of the Inter-house sports festival was still some four days away. It was going to be an eventful Saturday and I couldn’t wait for it.

Though I was never an athlete in school, I enjoyed watching the Inter-house sports meet, especially the part when my brother won races and was subsequently worshiped on the tracks. Though we had our differences, I was really proud of Timi for his successes on the tracks of Ojota Comprehensive High School but the dude always had a way of creating bad blood between us.

I had been keeping a close eye on me since the incident in mummy’s room. I needed to justify the actions I was going to take when we all got home. After I saw him with the most sought after twins in Ojota, I knew my brother was up to something. The money he stole from mum’s room was to lure the girls into an outing with him and who knows if he could eventually get more than just an outing.

I was shocked to see my brother and his clique pop two bottles of baron wine and even went ahead to open a big bottle of BAILEYS for the ladies to mark the end of the heats. I knew definitely that the drinks were on my brother because I spotted him bringing out the assorted wine from his school bag, while Mary and Martha were all over him.

Then they took their small party out of school when they were being disturbed by Mr. Filafa, the only Ghanaian teacher in our secondary school back then. The Mathematics teacher even had a small altercation with Timi in the process but it was quickly settled by some of my brother’s goons in S.S 3 who were benefiting from Timi’s benevolence.

The SS 3 students had to appease a furious Mr. Filafa since they had a good rapport with the dark-complexioned Mathematics maestro. I later learnt that one of the reasons he had an altercation with Timi was because he had a thing for one of the twins who were with Timi.

As the students took their small party out of school I and some junior students tarried along. I mixed with the crowd in other not to be spotted. And that was how my sojourn took me to Legacy Lounge where they all ended up getting wasted.

It was 7 pm, I was already tired of keeping surveillance and it appeared Timi was not going to leave the lounge anytime soon. It was time for my classmates who had been with me all along to leave for their respective homes and I had to leave with them too. Then the unexpected happened.

Mr. Filafa had just gained entrance into the lounge and he was surprised to find the same set of students he had an issue with in school at the lounge. As I said earlier, the lounge was out of bounds; secondary school students were not allowed to go there, albeit the students were all dressed in casual outfits. They already effected that change from school since the Inter-House sports heats had gone down that day and most students left school long after the usual closing hours.

Though this was not the first time Mr. Filafa will find students in the lounge, especially the school’s big boys since he was a regular customer at the Lounge, albeit this was the first time he would find S.S 2 students in the mix. Mr. Filafa had even been to the lounge with some S.S. 3 big boys whom he had a good rapport with and those boys were also present on this particular occasion.

Osas, Segun, Musa and I.K were the boys that had settled the altercation between Timi and Mr. Filafa earlier at school but this time around they were in for more than they could handle.

Mr. Filafa had walked into the lounge with a couple of guys to find his heartthrob, Martha on Timi’s laps, that was when the devil in him came alive yet again. He ordered a tipsy Timi out of the lounge

“Hey you! You know you shouldn’t be here. This place is out of bounds for students.”

“But I am not the only student here”

“Look, I am your tutor and you have no right whatsoever to challenge me. In fact, I am talking too much. If you know you are an SS 2 student of Ojota Comprehensive High School here, I want you all to get out of this lounge this minute.”

“Oga calm down, here no be school!” Timi bellowed.

“You said what?” Mr. Filafa’s anger was building. He was known to be a no-nonsense teacher

“I say make you calm down! At least na flex you come flex here too. Relax make we buy you drink”

“Timi I can see you have grown wings.”

“Sorry sir, he’s high,” Osas tried to intervene in a situation that was gradually getting ugly

Mr. Filafa suddenly yanked Martha off Timi’s thighs then proceeded to pulling him up and in a flash Timi’s mouth was kissing the floor. This angered Timi as he charged at him dealing him blows on the chest.

Consequently, a fracas ensued as the lounge was thrown into commotion. That was my cue to vacate the arena.


Bad Market continues next week…

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