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Bad Market – Episode 19

Mr. Shina was held spell bound by the new challenges that confronted him in the residential rental property that was placed under his auspices. He tried hard to manage the situation but there was little he could do to stop the ensuing fracas.

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Asides the two ladies that were at loggerheads over the rights to tenancy of one of the apartments in Dad’s residential rental property at Amosun street, Ojota, there were two other persons that made that morning a living hell for Mr. Shina.

The man had left his home that Saturday morning to formally handover the keys to one of the apartments he had leased out to Mr. Adelabu. A day prior to that he did same with Miss Amaka whose rights to temporary ownership of the said apartment was now being disputed by another lady who Timi rented same apartment to.

As a matter of fact, Timi actually rented the three empty apartments in that property out to three different people without the consent of Mr. Shina or my old man.

Mr. Shina had called Folake (the lady Timi had leased an apartment to) quietly aside to get to the root of the whole dilemma, that was when he realized that it was Timi who had played a fast one on the young lady. He had advised her against calling Timi for an explanation, because he would suspect foul play.

Then there was another lady who Timi had duped too who was hell bent on causing trouble if her money was not refunded. That was where Mr. Shina had a hard time dealing with the situation and had to call my mum to come wade into the matter.

While the pandemonium tarried, Mr. Shina and another man who lived in the apartment had managed to convince the distraught renters not to be tempted to call Timi until the landlord’s wife came around.

When mum got to the place and got wind of the situation, she immediately called Timi asking him to come to the residential rental property to drive her back home because she was unable to drive claiming she was having a migraine. How mum was able to lure Timi to the property without the latter suspecting it was only a ruse still beats me.

By the time Timi set foot on the property all hell was let loose. Before Timi’s arrival, Folake had already called the Police to arrest him. There were arguments and counter arguments and in the process of containing the situation things got really messy for the Police and other aggrieved parties.

In the heat of the moment, Timi was handcuffed and hotfooted into the waiting van of the Police, albeit the other lady that fell for my brother’s whims and caprices, Chinyere wouldn’t let mama go. It was when the Police seized mama from her that Chinyere’s younger brother who had come to offer morale support to his sister had thrown the pebble that hit mama on the head. She immediately collapsed from the impact.

The events of the previous week were still fresh in my mind as I drove to the military hospital in Ikoyi. My dad had just been discharged so I needed to go pick him up and drive him back home. Ebun had slept over in the hospital.

On reaching the hospital, dad was so excited to see me albeit he was also looking over my shoulders. I guess he was expecting to see his wife.

“Good day dad”

“I’m so happy to see you son,” my dad replied grinning from ear to ear. He had lost weight a whole lot but he was looking radiant

“I thank God you are finally going back home”

“Thank God for life Dele. Hope Timi has not been causing trouble while I was away cause your sister has refused to tell me anything concerning the home front. She tells me she’s acting on instructions”

“Well, Ebun has been of good report, that I know. “

“And Timi?”

“Daddy let’s get you home first,” I was not prepared to give him details of what had happened while he was away

“I will go home with you only if I get answers to my questions son. Where is your mother?”

“She was hospitalized on Saturday”

“Hospitalized? What happened?”

“Timi gave out a couple of empty apartments at amosun street to an unsuspecting tenant and in the confusion that ensued, one of the aggrieved people Timi duped threw a stone at mum.”

“Oh my God! Timi again? I swear I am going to kill him this time.” One glance at dad’s face, I knew he meant it this time.”


Bad Market continues next week…

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