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Boko Haram Destroys Valuable Real Estate

Boko Haram destroys valuable real estate.This is the implication of their continued attacks. Boko Haram has persisted in destroying countless properties undoubtedly worth millions and we in real estate are concerned. We are not less disheartened about the loss of human lives that tally up to a thousand at the moment. We know enough in the built industry to ascertain that it is an uphill task to develop any kind of property, whether residential, commercial, and especially in Nigeria religious.

 destroyed mosque

Our centres of worship, both Christian and Muslim have not been left out. In fact, they are the hardest hit. These are our social centres of unity and brotherly fellowship.

What we are just noting here, is how easy it is to destroy, but very difficult to build or rebuild. Each time we hear of new bombings, what Nigeria Real Estate Hub hears is Boko Haram Destroys Valuable Real Estatewith every sense of remorse for the lives lost.

Bombed church

Bombed church

At Realty Point Ltd, you find schemes that encourage people to save and save and save; as well as invest and invest. Imagine someone or a group working hard at saving and investing in real estate only to have it blown apart in minutes.

Let us even consider the psychological effects of this property destruction. Have you ever won something in your life? Began a project and finished it? Invested in a venture and watched it succeed? Began a journey and completed it whether literal or figurative? How many times can you put those exhilarating feelings into words? Your guess is as good as mine.


THISDAY Abuja bombing

THISDAY Abuja bombing

Reverse these positive scenarios and trying picturing the trauma people pass through when things don’t go as planned, especially after much planning and investment of various kinds have gone in. See the tenth chapter in the book Sack Your Landlord by Debo Adejana : How They Sacked Their Landlords and Lessons to Learn and you will read true life stories of Nigerians who overcame obstacles and odds to build their first houses. Which in Nigeria you would agree confers some sort of respect and status to a person. One can literally feel the challenging moments and the satisfaction and excitement that came at completion of their houses.

Natural disasters do happen and bring wreckage in their wake, but Boko Haram are humans and can help our job by putting an end to the destruction of valuable lives and as it concerns us _ properties. We do not have enough as it is, let us preserve the ones we have worked hard to build and are standing.

Long Live Nigeria!

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