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building collapse

Building collapse: Experts seek investment in innovative construction

Experts in the built environment have said investment in innovative construction products will curb the incidence of building collapse in the country.

They noted that with the recurring cases of building collapse in the country and deadly portholes on the roads, it had become necessary to leverage innovative products that would extend the lifespan of houses and roads.

At a seminar organised by Axion Global Engineering Limited, producer of bitumen booster and solid base stabiliser, the experts said there was the need to revamp roads and housing system in the country.

The Managing Director, Axion Global Engineering, Mr. David Wilson, said Axion aligned with the new technology that would reduce surfacing cost and time and bring more economic advantage to foreign investors in the country.

“Our products will help the environment in Nigeria. With the way the environment is, we are convinced that our products will enhance the country in order to achieve durable and quality roads and housing. Our products would help road maintenance and there will be no need for interlock blocks,” he said.

An engineer, Sony Ali, said quackery was one of the causes of building collapse in the country Nigeria.

“Those who lost their jobs overnight have become architects and structural engineers in the building industry. They use lesser reinforcements to build houses and it needs to be checked,” he said.

He noted that there should be a quality assurance test for all the materials used in the construction sector.

According to Ali, where skilled knowledge is lacking and requisite professionals are not invited to superintend over projects, there will be a preference to use quacks to raise structures.

“This problem is adding to our deficit. Almost every week, two to three buildings give way and collapse in the country and it is not restricted to Lagos alone. It happens in other states too,” he added.

Ali said failure to apply sustainability in building projects would keep the country in a state of underdevelopment.

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