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“I Built My House on a Tight Budget”: Enakeno Atagbaza

This is a testimony of how this man built his house on a tight budget. Having initially thought he wouldn’t be able to build a house anytime soon, he was guided and eventually has become a landlord today. If he could do it, you can also SACK YOUR LANDLORD!


Please introduce yourself Sir?

My name is Enakeno Atagbaza and I am 37 years old. I’m married with three children. I currently work with the electrical department of SNEPCo Ltd.


How and when did your journey to becoming a landlord begin?

It started when I got married. I told my wife I wanted us to stop paying rent in 2 years and we started working towards it. Although it later took us 3 years to own our first property it was still like a dream come true.


Did you experience any setback at any point?

There were lots of setbacks, but we were determined to accomplish our first project.


Is there any particular sacrifice you and your family had to make to get to this point?

We had to work on a very tight and strict budget, as the major source of funding was my salary


Is this your first house?

No this is my second.


Did you have encounters with Omonile?

Yes they disturbed a lot but I always ensured I collected receipts for any payment made.


Did you have to borrow or take a loan to build your house?

Funds for this project was solely realized from strategic planning of my salaries and allowances at work.


Can you share some of the lessons/insights you acquired that proved invaluable or guided you in the building process?

Bulk purchase of building materials always comes with a discount. These discounts though small, overtime accumulate and help save a whole lot of cash. This, amidst several others, is one lesson I learnt and trust me, they paid off.


What can you say to other aspiring landlords who may have purchased land, but have not begun to build?

They should first of all be determined, carry their family along, plan with what they have, make a list of what would be required at each stage and target bulk purchase of the items, and not forgetting God who is the giver of true wealth.


When are you moving in with your family?

We have moved in.


Thank you for your time!


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