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How to Become a Real Estate Business Consultant

It really is simple… Do you know there’s a self-service suite for independent business development professionals to manage their businesses from remote locations, and deliver efficient customer service to their respective customers? You can run this business alongside anything you already do. As an Independent business Consultant in real estate, you automatically become your own boss. More so, besides leveraging ...

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Outline of the Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company (NMRC)

NMRC was established to bridge the funding cost of residential mortgages and promote the availability as well as the affordability of good housing to Nigerians by providing increased liquidity in the mortgage market though the mortgage and commercial banks. The company is driven by substantial private sector participation consisting of commercial banks, primary mortgage banks, insurance companies, private equity investors ...

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If you are considering going in the path of mortgage to finance your dream of building your first house, it is not a far-fetched idea. You should however consider carefully and with the help of experts the various types of mortgages available and the details involved since each mortgage type have its own interest rate and flexibility; all of which ...

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Debo Adejana Mentorship Program

mentorship program

Top of the day to you, I have been asked over and over by so many people for mentorship in Real Estate and Business generally. More so because I give lectures in a number of places on various business subjects and real estate investments in particular and people who subscriber to our free monthly newsletter, listen to me on radio, ...

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Mortgage Institutions in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the present Mortgage operations are overseen by the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) which operates through Mortgage Banks known as Primary Mortgage Institutions (PMI) which are licensed to interface with the individual customers. The terms and interest payable on Mortgages are usually less cumbersome than commercial loans. They are usually secured against the “brick and mortar” (property) ...

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Understanding Joint Venture Partnership in Real Estate

Joint venture partnership is an interesting side of real estate success both in Nigeria and world over till date. A terse definition of joint ventures will be “a synergetic contract between individuals or group of persons (corporate bodies) that have agreed to work together to achieve a certain set goal for the common benefits of the parties. It is also ...

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6 Money Lies We Love To Tell Ourselves

Credit: www.cbc.ca Lie #1: This is just how everyone lives now. Where I live (as is the case, these days, with most of Nigeria), I am surrounded by people who can’t quite afford their lives. A couple I know bought a place a few years ago when they were both working full time. They knew they could afford it (just ...

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How to pass NIESV exams in one sitting

a further discount of N25,000 (meaning they pay N55,000)plus a study pack for participants who will register and pay up on or before April 30, 2013. To join the programme at any time before May 2, 2013 when tutorial lecture begins, you will be expected to have made N35,000 minimum part payment and all participants must complete the balance of their payment by May 31, 2013. SCHOLARSHIP: ...

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Debo Adejana

I promised you lots of valuable information that border on the Nigerian real estate industry on the home page.Before you start wondering, if I have enough experience to deliver on my promises, let me introduce myself. Gbadebo Olujare Adejana is the MD/CEO Realty Point Limited. Mr. Adejana started business part-time in 1994 as a Youth Corp member in Maiduguri, Borno ...

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