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Land Banking

Exposed! Land banking investment, the underground banks the rich keep their money. With this article I will be exposing you to land banking investment, which is an aspect in real estate business that can give you financial freedom without emptying your pocket.This form of investment was perceived to be capital intensive and solely for the rich. But recent strategies applied ...

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How to be a Landlord

 CHAT WITH MR AJIBOLA ADEMOLA On How To Be A House Owner One of the major reasons why many people lack information on how to be a landlord is because they lack proven strategy to go about it. One of the ways we intend to crack this code is by sharing with you chats with house owners. I will be ...

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How To Register a Cooperative Society

Understanding how to register a Cooperative Society is a step in the right direction, especially when we consider that a lot of people have lost their life savings and cash by having business dealings with companies or organisations that are not recognized by law. If you are currently doing this, it is at your own detriment because such a company ...

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Real Estate Business

If you are considering real estate business to start with little or no money from your pocket, then take time to digest the information I am about to share with you.  This is because I will be exposing you to proven strategy that my company, Realty Point Limited, a real estate investment organization has been applying since 2005 in helping ...

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The Harbour Estates, Mayfair-Lekki

Introducing… The Harbour Estates, Mayfair-Lekki This is the best time to get this!                                   A friend of mine was still telling me the other day about how someone bought land in Lekki area for less than N1m in 2005, and now the land commands ...

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Returns on Real Estate Investment

Invest in real estate | returns on real estate investment

Like every other aspects of life, the law of sowing and reaping also applies to returns on real estate investment. It is natural, universal and immutable. We simply reap what we have sowed; this is how the good book puts it. Today, let’s take a good, closer look at returns on investment in real estate, as far as the business ...

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Types Of Cooperatives

Types of Cooperatives

The global economic recession has led to the emergence of different types of cooperatives in Nigeria with the motive of helping individuals to get financial support to attain the basic needs of life. Economists have told us that human needs are insatiable. Immediately one need is satisfied, another takes its place, looking for satisfaction as well. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough ...

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