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If you are considering real estate business to start with little or no money from your pocket, then take time to digest the information I am about to share with you.  This is because I will be exposing you to proven strategy that my company, Realty Point Limited, a real estate investment organization has been applying since 2005 in helping Nigerians to gain financial freedom.

Before now, most people have the perception that millions are needed to start real estate business. We have demystified this concept with our empowerment program. The program is known as Prime Assets Peoples’ Empowerment Program (PAPEP), which was established in the year 2005.

 realty_building_in_progressConstruction in progress on a client’s site

This program has provided opportunity for individuals to make money at their own created time space everyday by marketing our real estate products and sundry services. It is simply an opportunity for people not just unemployed individuals; but also people who are working – because this set of people have done more for our businesses in terms of marketing for free.

We have noticed that most of our clients who currently span the length and breadth of corporate Nigeria came through ‘effortless’ word of mouth recommendation from their colleagues, friends and family.

So it is an avenue for them to team up with us to market our real estate products and earn a commission of 10% from each sale generated. Here is what Princess Abbey, a civil servant who made over N100,000 in one month by sharing PAPEP real estate business with her colleagues and friends has to say,

When I am passionate about something, I find it difficult to keep it to myself. I must share it with people and friends around me. So for me, PAPEP is not marketing, it is about sharing an opportunity to own land at a spread out and affordable arrangement with my friends and colleagues. Just the thought of it is very exciting. I find it fulfilling, it is like I am making landlords of people.

We know, working from these same projections that people who commit themselves to this venture have a good avenue of creating wealth for themselves. Sooner than later, even employed people doing this part time might quit their jobs knowing how much they are making working for themselves off the side.

Since the commencement of this real estate business opportunity, we’ve seen it empowering people financially. We have been providing trainings, logistics and products to be marketed.

Here is another case study, Mrs. Onyemenam, an entrepreneur who made N65,000 in one month working on her own terms, using her immediate network of family and friends:

This program is truly an empowerment for entrepreneurs and the unemployed. When I started out, I simply talked to people around me – friends, family and church members. Today, despite the initial fear of investing in real estate, they bought and are now land-owners.I feel I have made a difference in their lives, because there is no way they can talk about real estate and owning land that they wouldn’t talk about me.

Debo Adejana, is the chief executive officer of Realty Point Limited. The company which is primarily involved on the supply side of the real estate industry, with a strong presence in Real Estate Development, Investment, Training/Consultancy.

If you are interested in joining Prime Assets Peoples’ Empowerment Program (PAPEP) today, and be on your way to making money by simply sharing your opportunity, you can put a call/text to me through 08059100256 or contact him here.

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