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The Harbour Estates, Mayfair-Lekki

Introducing… The Harbour Estates, Mayfair-Lekki

This is the best time to get this!                                  

A friend of mine was still telling me the other day about how someone bought land in Lekki area for less than N1m in 2005, and now the land commands well over N15m. Lekki axis is no doubt the hottest bed of real estate investment in Lagos State at the moment. This may not be unconnected with the level of Government (both state and federal) investments in infrastructure and business facilities in the area.


As a company, Realty Point Limited, the Sack Your Landlord! TM crooners, have been looking for landed property to use for Site and Service for the past 6 years. We needed to land a strategically affordable and well positioned site for this project. The challenges we faced were much more than we anticipated.

Ranging from exorbitant primary sellers prices for pieces of the landed properties, unattractive/disputable level of documentations, and titling, to outright false title claims being the most frequent issue we encountered.

The good news is that after much ado, we can safely say, and confidently too that we have finally landed the much anticipated deal of a life time in that axis. No doubt, it is a middle class location but in our characteristics manner, we have made it as affordable as it can be by providing an installment payment window.

Totop that, the 2 most important reasons why we needed to get this email out to you are:

  • The available plots are very limited. Just 120 plots. If you are used to what we do and our capacity, you will realize that this is the smallest estate in square metre we are developing.
  • Secondly, there exist a prelaunch opportunity to buy just a few of the available plots at bargain prices. This is typical when a project is at the very inception and that is what I mean by saying“this is the best time to get this”.

The Project is called The Harbour Estate and the by word is “…home at last”

THE HARBOUR ESTATE, MAYFAIR-LEKKI                                                                                                                        

The Harbour Estate, Mayfair-Lekki is planned as a bespoke site and serviced estate tucked in a very serene environment behind the popular Mayfair Garden at Lakowe area of Lekki, a few metres away from the newly opened and functional Lakowe Lakes Golf Course with a good proximity to Eko-Akete. Payment made for the plot covers for the land, documentations, provision of infrastructure,s and the omo-onile’s known customary fees/charges.


Behind Mayfair Gardens, before the newly opened Lakowe Lakes Golf. It is some 6minutes from Greenspring School, 11minutes from Crown Estate, 14minutes drive from Pan-Atlantic University (formerly Pan African University), 20minutes drive from Ajah junction, 22minutes drive from VGC junction and 35 minutes outside the bustling business centre of Lagos.

The Ibeju-Lekki corridor is fast emerging as an aquatic tourist haven bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the East and the Lagoon on the West. The peninsula is approximately 70 to 80 km long, stretching from Victoria Island in the west to Refuge Island in the east, with an average width of 10 km.

The Lekki Sub-Region includes several Estates, gated residential developments, agricultural farmlands, areas allocated for a Free Trade Zone (FTZ), an airport, and a sea port. The Lekki corridor is estimated to be about 60,000 hectares excluding the areas allocated for the Lekki Free Trade Zone, Sea Port and International airport.

The new Export Processing Zone (EPZ), Lekki Free Zone has the full approval and backing of the Federal Governmentis being heavily funded by the Lagos State Government through the World Bank. It was launched in 2004 as a vehicle to fully utilize the investment and tourism potential of Lagos and comprises of 16,500 hectares of land to the South-East of the city of Lagos.

It is a model city which will offer unparalleled opportunities to businesses and investors. The LFZ has been conceived within the heart of Africa to connect the regional market to the globe. It is intended to be a magnet for international investments.

The Harbour Estate, Mayfair-Lekki site falls under the Igbokoko, Onikoko and Ashiribo Villages Excision granted and approved by the Lagos State Government. This is easily verifiable from the Lagos State Surveyor General & Bureau of Lands, Alausa, Lagos.

As a responsible organization, we owe our clients and prospects the duty of conducting necessary and extensive due diligence on a property to be sold before it is brought to the public. This we have done.


Prelaunch promo offer prices:

(a)   N5.5m per plot for outright payment.

(b)   N6m per plot payable in instalments as follows: N1.5m initial deposit and N125,000 per month for 36months.

After launch promo offer price is N7m per plot payable in instalments as follows: N2m initial deposit and N125,000 per month for 40months.

Outright payment after the prelaunch period attracts 5% discount.

Prelaunch period is till October 31, 2013 or while specified promo stock last.



  • 1. Limited stock at great bargain price.
  • 2. Tarred access road all the way to the estate.
  • 3. Neighbour to the18-hole Lakowe Lakes Golf Course and the vintage location.
  • 4. Access to modern transportation infrastructures, airport, rail network, sea-port and tourism hotspots.
  • 5. Lekki axis of Lagos State over the years has become a new frontier for economic and business activities in Nigeria. It is therefore stating the obvious here that the project site is supremely and vantagely located within the Lekki Peninsula which is one of the fastest developing urban areas with an annual economic growth of 16.8%. The economic value of properties in this corridor has experienced an unprecedented rise and also promises to rise geometrically in the months to come.
  • 6. You are getting to know now in the prelaunch season. The property has the potential of doubling in value in less than 2years of the commencement of site and service activities on site.

I wish you take this opportunity right now.

For more information, FAQ, and other terms and conditions about the project, to arrange for inspection, to download the application form , and for site location map, please click here

click here to watch the virtual tour/video guide for Harbour Estate.

Remember, property purchases can be for investment and/or self occupation. Either way, you can’t go wrong with The Harbour Estate.

P.S You can indicate interest now by sending email to me at realtypointceo@gmail.com or deboadejana@realtypointltd.com. We will get back to you once I get your indication of interest and we can take it from there. If you have questions please feel free to drop them in the comments box.

Prelaunch ends November 30th, 2014 or while the limited stock last. 


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