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500,000 jobs

I have created 500,000 jobs in Ogun State – Governor Amosun

The Ogun State Government says to a large extent, it has resolved the issue of unemployment in the state by creating over 500,000 jobs within the past seven years.

The Governor, Ibikunle Amosun, stated this during the state’s Investors Forum in Abeokuta, the capital on Tuesday while listing his administration’s achievements so far.

“I am sure since we have been there we have created more than 500,000 jobs for our people,” he said while listing his government’s achievements so far.

“I am not talking about liberal jobs. These are jobs that people can begin to plan and say this is my life, I want to build this,” he said.

Mr Amosun also reiterated his administration’s support towards empowering the people of the state through initiatives that would make the state more viable for business.

He explained that his mission was to make the state an industrial hub for investors.

“There cannot be any development if the infrastructures are not there. Now that infrastructure is there, and security is there, all of those businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, everybody is coming to Ogun State.

“It is when they come that we will now begin to say we are now creating wealth, employment for our people. Look at what Unilever is doing. The last time I went there in 2014, they said their new plant would employ 1,500 jobs in three shifts.

“By the time you add the drivers, we are talking about 5,000 (jobs) in one outfit. People will not know but we are putting pen on paper.”

Also addressing issues surrounding climate change, Amosun explained that the state was mindful of the effect of cutting down trees without replacement.

He, however, maintained that his government was striking a balance by falling trees with replacement in collaboration with the United Nations’ initiative.

“We are collaborating with Lafarge. Lafarge has this cooperation with the United Nations. So we are part of it and they are trying to preserve Aworo forest where they are trying to plant 100,000 trees.”


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