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1st Debo Adejana Real Estate Seminar For 2017 Set To Hold This Weekend

Do you know you can own a house you still pay rent for whilst still a tenant? Do you think it’s possible to be a tenant on a property and yet be the landlord of that same property? Be a part of the first DEBO ADEJANA REAL ESTATE SEMINAR for 2017 to get answers to these thought-provoking questions

The first edition of DEBO ADEJANA REAL ESTATE SEMINAR for 2017 will hold this February, and we are starting with a bang. 2017 is going to be a huge year for us in the real estate sector, albeit your analysis of 2017 by the last day of the year boils down to how you were able to position yourself to identify the opportunities life availed you and how much of those opportunities you eventually seized. Starting with the DEBO ADEJANA REAL ESTATE SEMINAR, you may just be on your way to positioning yourself for the largesse 2017 has to offer.



If we consider the fact that building or buying a house in a country like Nigeria could be a wild goose chase, especially when you are left without a clue as to what goes down in the real estate world, then you would see why attending this particular seminar will do you a lot of good on the long run.


There is no gainsaying that owning a property in Nigeria’s metro cities of Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja, can be likened to treading on a goldmine. Tenants in these cities are probably the most patient and supposedly the most aspiring of the lots in Nigeria owing to the hassles they face with landlords, the high cost of living in such cities and of course the cost of renting a house which is near suicidal. Hence, owning a house in any of these cities is an enviable feat.

Due to the astronomical cost of renting a house in Nigeria’s topmost cities, there is usually never enough to build your own house. In fact, you end up using up the savings you make towards building your own house on house rents.

Typically, that dream of building your own house never comes to fruition till your sojourn on earth comes to an unavoidable end except you want to be homeless while you save towards building your own house. This situation is common among low/middle-income earners. In a society where the mortgage system is above par probably building your own house wouldn’t have being much of a challenge. However we live in a country where the mortgage system is poor.


In view of the aforementioned, just like human beings come in different shapes and sizes, so are there different facets of real estate especially in the aspect of home-ownership. And one of the facets that will be dealt with extensively this weekend at the first DEBO ADEJANA SEMINAR for 2017 is the aspect of owning a house while still a tenant in the same house.

This brings us to the newest trend in the aspect of home-ownership; an emerging train on the rails of Nigeria’s property market with coaches capable of accommodating every real estate professional, developer, investor or enthusiast. This emerging train is called ‘RENT-TO-OWN’

Just as the name implies, this platform allows a tenant to live on a property while paying a fixed rent towards ownership of the property within a period of years as agreed by the developer.

The rent-to-own scheme is a worthy venture and looks more like a 50-50 win situation for the landlord and the tenant. Investing in the rent-to-own project will re-ignite your utmost desire to be a landlord in the shortest possible time.

According to experts, this is the future of real estate, and one area that is going to be very huge in a few years from now. There is definitely so much more to this RENT-TO-OWN concept than meets the eye, and Debo Adejana is at centre-stage yet again to unravel the mysteries behind this approach.

To find out more on how you can take possession of a property you are still paying for, and you pay what you are owing as rent, then make it a date with Debo Adejana, MD/CEO Realty Point Limited in the next edition of his real estate seminar tagged ‘An Indepth Analysis of RENT-TO-OWN; An emerging phenomenon in Nigeria’s Property Market


Date: Saturday, February 11, 2017.

Time: 10 am prompt.

Venue: Realty Place – 3, Olaide Benson Street (Beside Primary Health Centre), Onigbongbo, Maryland, Lagos.

FEE: N4000 (Pay N2500 on or before February 9 – Early Bird Discount)

After payment, please call/text 08093930651 with payment details to get your seat confirmed at the event. You can also call the same number for more information.

See you there!

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