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Debo Adejana Real Estate Seminar

2nd Debo Adejana Real Estate Seminar For 2017 Set To Hold Next Weekend

There are a couple of things that can hinder a real estate transaction or worse still bring it to ruin. However, two vital parts of the inherent bottlenecks in real estate transactions can single handedly make or mar any real estate transaction.

Papers are one of the two key things that can make or mar any real estate transaction. Owning a piece of real estate goes beyond having the cash to make it happen neither is it just about exchange of money for a property. There are certain legal documents/documentations that cannot be overlooked in the course of a real estate transaction.

In fact when it comes to documents/documentations that are connected with buying, selling, leasing or transferring a property, any form of negligence or ignorance could spell doom for the intending buyer.

Hence, it is expedient for everyone interested in owning a piece of real estate to get acquainted with the legal documents/documentations involved in any real estate dealing to avoid  stories that touch. There are quite a number of land and property scam artists in the industry that pose as real estate developers, real estate investors, real estate agents or omoniles, and ignorance would never be accepted as an excuse if you fall prey to them

Most people don’t even know the papers they need to effect a real estate transaction or the papers that must be tendered by the seller to validate their real estate deal. It will amaze you to know that some persons actually think a receipt of the property they are interested in is enough to lay claim to the property.

Yeah! We’ve heard some really ridiculous tales of people that were scammed in the most laughable ways that keeps one wondering what the unsuspecting victims were thinking of when they entered such deals. Some persons don’t have an idea of what some of these legal documents even mean and why they are important.

The sheer ignorance of the average Nigerian towards these legal documents have been responsible for a lot of real estate scams that have been perpetrated by fraudsters in the real estate industry.

What then are these documents? Do you know them, when they are needed, what they really do, and their validity period?

The 2nd edition of the Debo Adejana Real Estate Seminar for 2017 presents you an opportunity to acquaint and equip  yourself with basic knowledge of these legal documents/documentations. These legal documents/documentation will be broken down into simply and easily understandable forms devoid of the veil pulling, eyes-covering legal jargons confusing the layman in the market place.

One thing is guaranteed, after this seminar you will have a clear understanding of legal documents/documentations in real estate transactions like never before

Join the MD/CEO, Realty Point Limited, Debo Adejana and two other renowned legal minds; Barrister Tomi Vincent and Barrister Tokunbo Phillips, as they take you through “Understanding Legal Documents in Real Estate for the Layman”.

Date: Saturday, May 13, 2017.

Time: 10 am prompt.

Venue: Realty Place – 3, Olaide Benson Street (Beside Primary Health Centre), Onigbongbo, Maryland, Lagos.

FEE: N4000 (Pay N2500 on or before May 11 – Early Bird Discount)

Limited seats available! Hurry now! Get an early seat and take advantage of the discount


After payment, please call/text 08093930651 with payment details to get your seat confirmed at the event. You can also call the same number for more information.

Remember, Knowledge is key! Do not miss this seminar even for your wedding

For more information, please call 08093930651.

You can also click this link to register for the seminar/mentorship forum


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